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Employing family as carers, temporary basis -Carers UK Forum

Employing family as carers, temporary basis

All about money
My sister had her ILF review today, and the assessing social worker told us that we could employ carers/pas privately for a short holiday rather than return the excess money.
I didn't take much notice because I didn't think we could afford a holiday.
On further consideration it might be feasible.
I am thinking of using the ILF money to pay for care provided by my sister-in-law during a short UK break. I've been looking at the responsibilities incurred in terms of employer liability insurance and paying taxes and it seems a lot for a long weekend! Has anyone any experience or knowledge of this?
I have just taken out public liability and it cost £99 for the top cover and I paod for it out of my direct payments. We have money for someone to take Sarah on holiday but cant find anyone we know and trust to do it so I guess I will have to hand that cash back
Hi Frito
I have done exactly that, and was sceptical at first when you talk about Employer liabilty insurance and paying taxes/ins etc, can be off putting.
Firstly I could only explain for my Borough that has a Direct Payment Support team to help you with this.

If You have a Direct Payment support Team in your area I would suggest you go to them and they will help you set up all the paper work. Below Is an explaination of how my Direct payment Support Team helped me.

1. The person/s or family members that will be caring for your sister must not be receiving any form of benefits

2.The Direct Payment Support Team, will give you all the necessary forms to complete,
i.e Application form for the Payroll service, which you complete & send off. They is a monthly fee between £18-£30 depending what level of service you choose.
A Employers Liability Insurance Form for you to complete, usually funded by the council for free, if not Fish insurance is the best going.

A contract that is already made up (Direct Payment Support Team Should explain to you) to give to the persons your employing Inc p46 forms & Employee fixed data form, which is where you give to the employee to complete gets sent off to the payroll company .

Once all forms have been submitted to the payroll company, they will sort everything out for you I.e payslips, & they work out how much Tax/Ins you have to pay, which
can be done online (HMRC)
There is a specific date that you need to submit the hours to the payroll company, which you can find out.

I know this is Long winded and scary, but once it is in place you can use it for respite or even odd occassions when you may need time out.

I use some of my family & friends for when I go on a break and I have everthing in place . If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask

I'm suprised that your Social Worker did not give you further information, so I suggest that either you speak to your S/W to find out if there is a direct support group.

Hope it helps
Thanks for your replies folks.

It's not so much that it's a daunting process, just that it's a one-off thing so I didn't want my sis to incur costs to use the ILF surplus when we could just send it back.

In the end I spoke to disability rights who said my sis can employer a carer as self-employed, therefore avoiding this issue.
Moneysoft have a "Payroll manager" software system that enables you to run the payroll yourself, if you are feeling brave. We use it, but we only employ students on a sessional basis, so they don't have any National Insurance or tax to pay anyway, it makes it very simple. I've found students make trustworthy, honest and reliable workers. We don't advertise just network around friends and the community. Most students are keen to earn money on a casual basis.
someone here pays her son to look after his brother alternate weekends when he visits home .....from Direct payments.