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DWP Telephone Compliance Interview - Carers UK Forum

DWP Telephone Compliance Interview

All about money
Received a letter today about the above. Thought it was a scam as came in an envelope already opened and was from a JobCentrePlus- as I don’t get any benefits that I associate with JobCentre thought someone had been claiming in my name.
However when I called- not the number on the letter but a number off their official website and numerous calls/ being cut off/ holding on for in excess of 20 mins I discovered it was about my Carers Allowance.

I care full time for adult daughter so I can’t work but I am fortunate to have a rental income from a property I own which covers the income I lost when I had to give up work because the local authority could not provide the care required in order for me to continue working. Also out of this income I am paying a third party top up to the care home where my Mum resides. I know this is a choice and not an obligation but it is what I opted to do as the homes within the council budget were so awful.

As I understood Carers Allowance to be non means tested I assumed income that arises not out of employment but savings and in this case rent would not be assessed but now I think maybe that is naive. I am second guessing what the issue is. Any advice welcome.
Hi Diane.

DWP wise , Carers Allowance is NOT means tested.

Rental income ?

No problem UNLESS you are claiming any income related benefits ... ?

Previously working ... claiming CA at the same time ... that weekly earnings rule limit ( Currently £ 123 per week ) ... ???

Short of the above , I am bemused as you are as to the purpose of the interview.

Hopefully , just a question of touching base.

( Topping up care home fees ... AGE UK link posted in reply to one of your earlier threads ... https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... 86#p407486 )