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Sorry guys sitting here crying, I just had a letter from DWP and it says I have to go for an interview as they are reviewing my benefits. I only get carers allowance and OH only gets his pension and Attendance allowance. I gave up work to look after him. I don't get any other benefits I need some help please. Has anyone else had this trouble
Hi Patricia.

A straight forward benefits review ?

Seem a little odd unless the DWP have identified a problem somewhere along the line.

Without any further information , difficult to comment any further.

Purely on the benefits front . an Online Benefits Checker which will enable you to ensure that all benefits / allowances out there are currently being claimed :


Not much but ... I hope some crumb of comfort.
Hi Patricia,
It's horrible to be worried by something like this.

Do you juggle work and caring or have you in the past whilst claiming Carers Allowance? The DWP are checking up where folk earned over the limit whilst claiming.

If not, then just be ready to prove you carry out caring tasks for hubby for 35+ hours a week and write out a long list of everything you do for him.

I gave up work to look after him I don't work. 3 years since I gave up work to look after him.
OK sorted for now (I hope) seemingly because I took my "small pension pot" from my EX employer , it came up on a system that I was still working for them. I have spoken to SS man at DWP and he says if I send all the letters I have on the payment he will close the file.
Good news.

Weird thing ... private pension does not affect CA ... only the State Pension ( Infamous overlapping benefit rule. )

Both are pensions ...
I'd be tempted to let them come, and then advise you what EXTRA you are entitled to, because you don't seem to be getting much!
CA is taxable but since my old occupational pension comes in less that the yearly CA I am ok for the tax. What is seemed to be was the fact that I took this small pension pot (it would have been £7.00 a month and I needed a new boiler) also right now I felt so down or feel so down maybe I sometimes don't think I'll get to pension age 66.6666666yrs.But thank you everyone for your input.
Your welcome.
Patricia, when I'm tired everything seems worse.

Are you getting enough support for your caree, to give you some time off?