DWP On The Warpath : CARERS In The Frame ! Sweep Nets 80,000+ ! Caught Up ? PLEASE REPORT ON THIS THREAD !

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That the government does not care. Disability funding cuts impact us greatly.
Carers UK reacts to Government response to Carer's Allowance overpayments

05 November 2019

The Work and Pensions Committee has today published the government’s response to its report on overpayments of Carer’s Allowance, the main benefit for people caring for more than 35 hours a week.

Carers UK has previously called for the Department of Work and Pensions to write off these overpayments where its own administrative delays have allowed them to accrue; this was also a recommendation made by the Work and Pensions Committee in its report. In its response the department does not commit to writing off overpayments or reviewing whether the majority of overpayments should be pursued.

Carers UK also made a number of other recommendations such as: improving communications to carers about the rules for earnings with Carer’s Allowance, researching the impact of overpayments on carers, looking at the barriers that the earnings limit places on carers and, finally, aligning the earnings limit with the equivalent of 16 hours of the National Living Wage – to make the benefits system smoother and preventing carers from leaving work.

Commenting on the government's response, Emily Holzhausen OBE, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, said:

“Given that so many carers relying on Carer’s Allowance struggle financially, it is incredibly disappointing that the government has not considered writing off the overpayments caused by its own administrative delays.

"This will do nothing to reassure carers who continue to sit up at night worrying about debt that could affect their incomes for years to come. The assessment of the impact of overpayments will be essential.

“Carers describe the earnings threshold as a “nightmare” - complicated to work out and at risk of losing all support if they earn just £1 over the threshold. So we’re pleased that the department has taken up our recommendation of researching the challenges for carers trying to work within the earnings limit. This will help us understand how we ensure carers can keep their foot in the labour market.

“We’re glad the DWP has committed to improving its communications with carers in receipt of Carer’s Allowance. The department needs to go one step further and introduce simpler methods of tracking and reporting earnings.”

That will come as some relief to the 80,000 odd carers caught up in the Purge ... I am sure ?

This will help us understand how we ensure carers can keep their foot in the labour market.

Oh dear ... to understand the problems in the REAL world , CUK need to read this forum ... dispatches from the front line ... carers are leaving the workplace by the thousands !!!

Just a quick message to let you know my partner got her decision from DWP. They have recognised her case was not a fraudulent one and therefore the matter is closed. All she has to do is pay the money back via a monthly payment plan.

My partner had an overpayment of around £11,000.

She went in with no legal representation as we didn't think we required it because it was a genuine mistake...... Like many we were unaware it was income related.

My partner simply answered all their questions without any hesitations. The meeting lasted about 15 minutes, they were very nice and thanked her for her honesty and working with them.

My partner has set up a monthly payment plan as a minimum but we want it paid off quickly so we will be making larger payments.

My advice to anyone is be honest & courteous with them, I do not believe its DWP staff fault this national mess is happening (its their systems) & try not to panic like we did. We found in the meeting she didn't get to say everything she wanted so we backed it up with a letter & sent it"recorded delivery" this time.

Good luck to all that has been caught up in this mess ✌️
A good result ... of sorts ... Kev.
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:39 am
A good result ... of sorts ... Kev.

It is my friend ..... Its the correct result in our eyes. We genuinely could not willfully take money we are not entitled to .....a lot of families out there thats hungry so we are happy to pay it back 👍

It was a very stressful time especially when you know it was a genuine mistake but then you think to yourself these guys dont know you personally so they dont know that...... To me that was the biggest worry being branded something that your not. Thankfully that was not the case though.
DWP .... both judge and jury ... GUILTY ... unless one can prove him / herself innocent ?

( If the U.S.A. system and food vouchers ... an overpayment of food vouchers ? )
One thing I would also like to mention as the one being cared for. This situation hit me quite badly mentally. Im on quite a high dose of morphine and a cocktail of other drugs that genuinely make you depressed anyway. However I totally blaimed myself because if it wasnt for my injury my mrs wouldn't have been in this mess in the first place. I went from having a great career and earning great money to being on benefits because of a historical sports injury to which without morphine id be on all 4s like a dog. I found it very difficult to support my partner when she needed me the most. I started drinking which wasnt good given my medication but it was the only thing that would numb my thoughts. I can only imagine how this is affecting those that are being cared for as well as the carers and immediate families.
Yep ... a carer / caree ... a partnership ... difficult to suggest anything applied to one which does NOT affect the other ?
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:19 am
Yep ... a carer / caree ... a partnership ... difficult to suggest anything applied to one which does NOT affect the other ?
It affects the whole family including the kids as they pick up on the stress
JOINT problems which require JOINT solutions.

The whole system is not geared for that ?
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