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DWP cockup - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

DWP cockup

All about money
really feel like doing something stupid / saying something stupid...

Spoke to someone at AA department on Monday and explained the entire situation to them ( again Image ) and she takes all info again , then informs mum that she is very sorry it should have been sorted by now.
I have marked it on the system as urgent and it will be dealt with in 48 hours.

the women then wanted my NI number so asked to speak to me, she confirmed that it is their mistake , someone entered the wrong code on the system . she has marked it as urgent and also told them to contact CA unit to let them know it has been sorted and they are to re instate my CA payments , and that they are to backdate ALL missed payments owed to me and backdate mums payments as well.
Well Wednesday came and went ( almost ) and had no phone call to say it has been fixed , and i have had no payment into my bank account , though it may take up to 3 days for a payment to show in the account after a payment has been frozen , based on a previous call.
James, how frustrating for you. I hope this all gets sorted out soon.

called the CA unit and they said it is on the system dated 18th that the AA unit is to contact your mum and our selves , and once they have done so then payments will be re instated . so it sounds like you will have to contact AA unit and give them a firm push again , until then we are stuck like your self.
James, have you managed to contact the AA unit?
i cant contact the AA unit because it is mum who gets the AA money , and they refuse to talk to me Image . but mum called them while i was out walking the dog.
and she got a man who basically told her in a round about way "" we will sort it when we can be bothered "".

according to what we were told on Monday it is now urgent and will be corrected within 48 hours. BUT mum was told by the guy "" Yes it was on the system on the 18th , what do you want to know , mum asked if it will be sorted before Monday as that is when my son gets his payments , he replied back with "" let me see this is already Thursday so no it wont be dealt with before then , it might be sorted by Monday but i doubt it , it might not be seen until next week some time. mum said what is he supposed to do in the mean time as he has bills to pay , and the guy completely avoided any answer and thanked her for phoning .
Hi James, How are things going? have you got any further on?
no still no further forward.
And sadly i cant call the Attendance Allowance and put my foot firmly up their backside, keep going and it will be a months money they owe me.

I am getting close in having to ask for extra time as i still have a couple of bills due .
one of the companies said no they cant do anything until i have actually missed the payment due date , then i can call them and explain what has happened and they will sort things out , as i have never missed a payment with them.

i cant believe how we are being treated , we make no mistake but the DWP stop everything with no warning and then they basically tell you , shut up get lost we will sort it when we can be bothered to sort it ha ha ha .

think they all need training ,, as the last time i checked the word URGENT meant just that. not "" fix something when one can be bothered ""
How frustrating for you - the DWP messed my claim up when I put in the very first claim. I had to wait almost 9 months for my first payment, so I had to borrow from my Dad to keep going. I had to get my MP involved in the end otherwise I could still be waiting - and that was 7 years ago! Good luck, try putting your head under the duvet and screaming.
i am doing a lot more than screaming , because they stopped mums attendance allowance we are starting to struggle to find money for gas , electric.
we are having to dip into the money we saved aside to pay for the 3D TV / 3D blu ray DVD player mum and i got between us as an early xmas present . we got it last November as we thought we deserved a treat.
so hopefully the bunch of muppets get it sorted and we can put money back towards the TV etc.

what is so difficult about going onto the system and changing codes , and contacting CA unit and letting them know it has been sorted start payments.
must be extremely difficult Image