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DWP cockup - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

DWP cockup

All about money
i spoke far to bloody soon ..........

I have had my payment of Carers allowance but mum has had nothing for Attendance Allowance and all it is causing daily arguments between mum and i to the point of we do not talk for the rest of the day or very short sharp replies to one an other.

She was promised payment in full , but nothing has been paid in and is convinced she wont get attendance allowance until dads been home 4 weeks. i am sick to the back teeth trying to explain the attendance allowance is her money that is why my CA was stopped.
but she is having none of it , she just agrees to shut me up.

i gave in and called AA and they were willing to speak to me .
the guy explained that the full amount had not been paid in but 2 weeks had been paid in and the next full 4 weekly payment is to be paid on Sunday 10th March but because it is a Sunday it will show available before Friday or on Friday.
when i told mum that she said i have not been paid anything i have just looked now just go away stop talking to me and stop roaring at me , i was not roaring but my voice was raised.
she then told me to go away she does not care any more go away does not care what they say she has not been paid , now go away i am playing my game .
i asked her for her bank details and she told me no go away and stay away now just go away.

when i say to her i am worried how she is acting and being hassled with carers for dad who show up early or late and a stupid sister in the family who calls everyday for an update on dad and then does not believe what mum tells her , and tells mum she should ask the council how much things will cost for the funeral / cremation and talk to the funeral home to see what things will cost and mum should ask the Dr about putting dad on morphine so he can relax and help him go.
does not help mum at all , she just laughs and says i am perfectly fine now leave me playing my game.
What a mess James. Image Image
I think both you and she are really stressed over this - and Im not surprised
It is unspeakably appalling.
On behalf of my friend Ruth I second that comment, Charles.xx
and I third it...
i have had it up to the eye teeth of the DWP this week , OH ESA did not go into the bank...and the gawd awful call center staff , Bangor, derby, Cardiff, Manchester...tim buck too...who cares your system is different ?
and that email you sent to the benefit center..they didn't receive it.
and do i care that its more than your job is worth that to re send that email 12 minutes before 4.30 ?
and you wont escalate this to your manager until the call back has not been received??
then finally , one who had some sense and was really helpful emails were sent to wrong department , its clearly logged as an error on system.i will get them to call you in the next hour....exhausting stuff ...????
then finally after 4 days of shenanigans...a call back ..
tell your OH we have corrected the inquiry...no rhyme , no reason , no apology.... Image
Its a pity that there isnt a sort of ombudsman to complain to about DWP.
might sound a bit selfish , but as this forum is set up for carers we are all under the same roof , i feel as though i can say this without being attacked in one way or an other.

But i am 29 for gods sake , i feel as though i should not be going through any of this at all .
ok caring for mum but adding everything else onto it i feel as though i should not be going through this extra hassle of the so called bloody benefits system.

BUT i got a "" sorry "" off mum this morning as she checked her bank account and said the 2 weeks money was paid in but she did not notice it because of DD bills and because it was an odd amount , and she then said her full payment was available today.

so she is in a better mood and what helps she is not as exhausted today so she is off out with one of my brothers to ASDA to get her money back for a TV she bought but it dont work so that money should be paid back onto her card .
James, you shouldnt have to go through any of this, its just adding stress to an already stressful life Image

Im glad its now sorted and your mum is feeling a bit better. Can you give yourselves a little treat which might improve the mood/atmosphere? I always think that, as carers, we need regular little treats - and they dont have to cost much either Image
na no little treat. any treat big or small i will need to get for my self lol.
You are not alone James. I have had it up to the back teeth with the DWP today. No rhyme, no reason, not bothered. (see roll call).xx
Hi James, I think dealing with "the officials" is often the last straw for many of us. We know it shouldn't be like this, we are the geniuine carers caring for people who genuinely need our care, and we deserve far more support that we actually get. That's why every so often we need to have a complete break from it all. The problem is that when we have a glimpse of the "real" world, sometimes going back home can be difficult!