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Dreaded Atos form - Carers UK Forum

Dreaded Atos form

All about money
Hi all In 2012 Rob was awarded the support group for ESA. This morning we got a limited capacity for work form which they say I MUST fill in or Rob will lose his ESA. My worry is the question regarding mobilising - there is no box to tick to say he can't walk at all. It mentions a manual wheelchair but no mention of a powered wheelchair and I don't know which box to tick whether its the 20m, the 100m or the 200m. Anybody got any ideas?

Don't tick any, but write it next to them. They can't make you pick if your option isn't there.
I've no experience of this at all - but I would have thought that you could include a letter which states Rob's position; i.e. unable to mobilise, needs hoisting etc and, as you've said yourself in the past Eun, can't even scratch his own nose !

I would hope that this form is just a standard 'tick box' exercise which has no relevance to Rob's situation.
Would it help if you got his GP to write a letter confirming his health situation?
Ou Gp has a big sign up saying that the doctor's union have told them not to do these letters. As far as I know I think its Black Triangle who are taking the BMA to court over this advice saying that its against the Dr's code of practice and duty of care owed to their patients. Rob has emailed his Neurologist and his Respiratory consultant to ask them for a supporting letter.
According to the DWP I still have to fill in the form or they will stop his benefit and apparently he will get reviewed every 3 years (or it could be 6 months or annually). How much is this costing putting people through this whose conditions are progessive? Plus it brings you right down as we try to concentrate on the things he can still do and this form makes you think of all the things he can't do anymore and what still lies ahead for him eg peg fed and a tracheotomy. :(

Hi Eun,

When I did this for my sister (she has spastic and athetoid cerebral palsy with ataxia) I ticked the "it varies" box, then put in the comments section directly underneath that she used an electric wheelchair and the issues she has mobilising in it.