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Attendance Allowance

All about money
The form or should I say book has arrived. I'm waiting for the reply from social services before I start on it.
If I should get stuck would it be ok to ask on here? Even if its just to check that I have worded things correctly and not missed anything out.
Can I suggest that to start with you go through it and fill it in with pencil, using some post it notes or similar to highlight the bits you are not sure about, and a notebook too. Just take your time. Things like name, date of birth etc. are obviously straightforward. With a lot of these "books" some of the pages will not apply at all - don't leave these blank though, write "none" or "not applicable" - otherwise they might send it back! The biggest problem bits will probably relate to how much care a person needs, so for the next day or two write down absolutely everything you do, on a pad. Anything from boiling a kettle to make a cuppa - from start to finish just preparing a drink can take a while, and don't forget doing the washing up afterwards counts too. Just anything at all you do which is caree related. It's amazing when you add it all up, well it was for me anyhow. Once you have done this, it's probably going to be fairly easy to fill in the form. You are welcome to ask about any queries, which we will answer from our own experience, however with any difficult questions it's best to ask Carers UK helpline, they are super experts (who made me £50 a week better off!!!)
Ive recently filled in the form for my mum and successfully claimed.
I did as BBun suggested, made notes and then filled it in in rough (although I made a photo copy that I filled in "in rough" and then copied it onto the real form)
When you fill it in be sure to fill it in thinking about what she is like on her worse day. You must also fill in the box at the bottom to give examples.
Think about everything eg if she has the push down on the arms of a chair to get up that counts as having problems getting out of a chair. Ditto with getting up out of a bed. Think about how often you have to remind her to do things - they all count.
Sorry that I've not been on for awhile, but I've been unwell myself, absolutely full of cold which I can't seem to shake off.
Anyway, someone from the DWP is coming to do a home visit to help with filling out the Attendance Allowance form, not sure if this is good or bad. Has anybody ever had experience of this please?
The form from Social Services has arrived regarding adaptations to the house. You can either choose to have them fit the grab rails etc or a direct debit payment to cover the cost (if eligible), I'm not sure which way to go because there are no prices on the form for the different things or the cost of installing. We had someone from the Papworth trust come out regarding the damp, they do a handyman service for OAP, but the damp is to big a job for them. There hourly rate is £18.
Well we had help from the DWP aswell, someone came out, that was just after my mum passed away, around 6 years ago so it was just before this government got it.
Anyway best read throught the form, do some work before they come, on some photo copies of the form, thats what we did, i also thought of more to add when the woman came.
Mum had someone come from DWP to interview her at her home about Attendance Allowance.
Mostly it was to take my details so that I could sign the form on her behalf and so that DWP would send any correspondence eg details of pension etc to me rather than her. He was a very nice man and explained how to fill in the form and gave me tips (which I passed on to you), but didnt actually fill it in.
The system seems to be working as I recently got notification of cold weather payment to her.
What I'm going too put in writing at the moment might seem stupid. A friend of mine that is a union convener advised me to do this. Get on line and join a union any that way you will get legal assistance for nothing. But you may I'm not working. The union will accept anyone that is prepared to pay their subs. The reason for this is the forms a nightmare to fill in the union will assist with that claim, and if their is a claim refused the union will help with the legal appeal. I personally am considering it.
Any word out yet on whether this AA benefit may increase from April?
I ended up having to fill the form in all by myself and I'm very pleased to say that Mum will be receiving the higher rate of AA.
I had more good news yesterday, the adaptations will be supplied and fitted free of charge, not got a date yet for that.
I think I'm still in shock, cannot believe that things are going right for me and Mum for a change.
Gezzelin, brilliant news, I really love to hear when things go well. So important, as it encourages everyone else to claim as well. After all, our elderly carees have been paying into the system for a long time, some ever since the NHS etc. arrived in 1948. They aren't getting anything "for free", it's an insurance payout when they need it in their old age.