Does Anyone Have Experience of Becoming A Deputy?

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MrsAverage wrote:
Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:53 pm
Hi Mumwhocares
Has anyone mentioned 'trusts' to you? It's where his money and assets is held in trust and only given to him when the trustees agree. At the end of the trust (i.e. in his death) the money goes to where specified in the trust deed, i.e. to nominated persons or perhaps a charity.
However there are costs involved in setting up and running a trust. One of our friend brought a flat for her LD son and it is held in trust so he can live in for his life, but in his death it is sold and proceeds divided between his siblings. As he doesn't own the property it cannot be included in any financial assessment SS do.
You'd need to find a trust specialist to set up.And find multiple peopelto be trustees
Pm me if you want the name of the one my friends used

However I would caution about saving too much for him because if he is likely to be on benefits then SS would expect him to use his own money (down to a certain level) before they pay the benefits he would have if he didn't have savings.

I'd certainly contact the carers UK helpline first, then a trust solicitor which would cost.
Just think through if he would be capable of managing his own money. If he can't someone else needs to, and if not you, who?
HI Mrs Average,

Thank you for your message :) He has got a trust set up for when I die; I did think last night (once I'd started to calm down a bit) that I might be able to designate where that money goes once he dies but couldn't remember so did email Mencap (hopefully all trusts are the same and I'll at least be able to make sure no-one else gets their hands on that). But it still means I've got no way to have any say in what happens to his personal possessions and any money he's got in his bank account and I find that so galling.

The bank accounts thing again is just a PITA from my point of view; I won't be around to manage his money forever and I feel that having a bank account in your own name should be part of being an equal member of society - not this one rule for wealthy people and a different rule for everyone else. I just find it so disgusting. I'm also wondering now what happens to his money when it's in an account in my name - what if something happens to me, how does he get his money out? It's just more to deal with and I'm so sick of all of it to be honest. No-one's minded at all me working for sixteen years without a break or getting up to him three times a night, plus the endless battles with every single agency we come into contact with but I can't write a simple document on his behalf sharing out his possessions to people he likes or manage an account for him that's in his name rather than mine? It's discriminatory, from my point of view, and it really winds me up.

Anyway, sorry to bang on! I will sort out what I can, I'm just sick of coming up against brick walls when all I want is to make him as secure and comfortable as possible because God knows, there's no relying on any Government to do it.

Thank you for your post, I do appreciate it :) x
Our local Menap group had a talk from someone from their trusts department. You need to go and see them, or vice versa. I was impressed, they even supported someone to go to New Zealand to see a relative. Made me think I'd take it further.