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Ex-carer and contribution based jsa - Carers UK Forum

Ex-carer and contribution based jsa

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Hi everyone,
I am an ex-carer who has been refused contribution based jsa.
I think I have been credited with enough contributions but as I wasn't working not the 26 weeks payment of credits.
However I have read on another site ( entitledto ) that carers credits are treated as actual payments.
Does anyone else have experience of this situation ?
I found someone else on this site with the same sort of problems from 2 years ago but the thread was closed and they haven't responded to my PM.
Any help would be apreciated.
Regards. Andrew
Hello Andrew,

I suggest that you ring the Carers UK Adviceline - contact details are here

if you can't get through on the phone (lines are generally oversubscribed !) then send them an email (with a contact telephone number) and they will get back you as soon as possible.
Sorry I can't help with your query but how do you know if you are credited with contributions? I don't earn enough to pay NI through my work and always submit my payslips to CA but they never mention NI. I am somewhat belatedly wondering if I should have asked for it or whether it is automatic when you claim CA. I would welcome enlightenment!
Hi Henrietta,
Both CA and HMRC have confirmed I have been covered for Class 1 NI contributions.
JSA originally denied this but at Job centre Plus my work coach kindly brought up my details on her screen showing my record. As jsa and jc+ share the same database this is a puzzle.
I have been urged to apply to HMRC to send my records which will then be uploaded from jc+ to the jsa.This is in process.
You can phone CA and/or HMRC if you want to confirm your own record, but CA should automatically be crediting you with class 1 contributions.
Hi susieq,
I have taken your advice and e-mailed .
It's a good idea for carers to check their contributions record regularly. I had a "hit and miss" record of CA when my son was in boarding school. Later I found that there were a number of years when I'd been receiving CA but not given the credits!! Irregular payments meant that things were supposed to be done manually, but sometimes "slipped through the system". Don't leave it until you are trying to claim your pension.
Incidentally, even if you are not actually claiming CA, there is something called "Carers Credit" or similar. As long as you are caring, but not eligible for CA, you can have a full credit on your NI record. This came in a few years ago now, but isn't very well publicised.
Hi everyone,
Sorry about the delay in updating.It turned out as expected.
I discussed my situation with the CAB and they said I wouldn't qualify because although I had the credits I didn't have the 26 weeks actual payments, as referred to earlier in the thread.
I forwarded my statement from HMRC to jsa and they confirmed what CAB had told me.So there we go.
There is something from CarersUK helpline that may help others though. If someone made actual payments in the 2 years before claiming CA they seemed to think it could be linked. This doesn't apply to me but may help others.
i.e. if someone had paid contributions 2006/07 and 2007/08,
and had then become a carer in 2009 the DWP could link right back to 06/07 and 07/08 and use those 2 years to satisfy the 2 conditions.
I hope this helps someone.