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can anyone give advice about working part time - Carers UK Forum

can anyone give advice about working part time

All about money
sorry to bother you all but i really need some advice regarding working part time.

I am a single mum to 2 young girls and also a carer and have been receiving carers allowance for the past few years.

i really want to work part time but have been getting conflicting advice when i have called carers here in ni and also carers through the government website.

the job i have been offered is 20 hours per week starting at £6.72 an hour. this puts me over the £100 cap.

My youngest daughter would have to be looked after by someone if i took the job but as she is currently being assessed for having autism there are very few people she can stay with.

does anyone know if i can pay a friend myself (notregistered childminder) etc to look after her and would that money then be deducted from the amount i would be over the £100?

also can i claim for laundering uniform etc for the job?

if anyone can give me any advise it will be greatly appreciated.
Hi Michelle,
I've no idea what the position is in Northern Island, but in England if you so much as earn 1p over that £100 limit you lose the lot; it's not even deducted incrementally. I don't know of any other 'benefit' where that is the case.
I too am looking for part-time work, more for my sanity than finances; but Ian Duncan Smith's drive to make work pay is to look at the problem from the wrong end of the telescope. I used to have a lot of time for this guy, now I think he's a complete tosser.
I haven't answered any of your questions, but I hope others will.

Sajehar xxx
There are certain allowable deductions for Carer's Allowance, I believe that child care costs, travelling expenses are included in these. However, this is such an important question that you really do need to speak to the Carers UK helpline to find out the exact position. (Don't rely on anything the Carers Allowance Unit tell you, they gave me the wrong information, as I was in an unusual situation concerning something else. CA Unit said I couldn't have CA, CUK told me I could, and sent me all the relevant case details, which I would never ever have found myself. As a result, I was £50 a week better off!!)
Thanks guys ill give them a ring and see what they can tell me. It's just making me cross as I really want to work part time and know I can juggle everything it's really to give me a break to be honest but government don't seem to want us to work. Most jobs nowadays are on salary just over the £100 so think there should b some sort of allowance to help those of us who are lucky enough to be able to find a part time job and also able to find time to do it. It's hard being a carer although I wouldn't change it for the world but we def don't get much support in situations like this Image
Yes, for every £2 that you put into a private pension pot, you can deduct £1 from your salary. So if you earn say £110 (after tax and NI and any respite care costs are taken into account) then you save £20.02p into a private pension and hey presto! you are back on carers allowance because your earnings count as £99.99p. Any private pension will do, it doesn't have to be an employers one, phone the Prudential or any other reputable company. You would be a mug not to, wouldn't you?
Don't forget that the government pays any tax you have paid back to top-up your pension pot, making this a seriously good deal for basic rate taxpayers like me. But this might also mean that you pay tax on your Carers Allowance: just let the Inland Revenue know you are in receipt and they will adjust your tax code accordingly.

As for respite, it doesn't have to be you that actually pays the cost, as long as you have an invoice/receipt made out to you. It could be your caree, or even your partner: the DWP don't quibble because most household budgets are joint and can't be untangled in this way. Be creative: I include things like art classes, swimming and driving lessons and even transport costs for my son, for example, well I am getting respite, aren't I?
The other question was about using an unregistered childminder. This is perfectly OK: the CA unit will ask you if the person is related to you, and ask for their name, but as long as they aren't a close relative, you are fine. Hopefully your childminder will have the good sense to declare any earnings through their own self-employment tax return, but ultimately that is up to them; you don't need to divulge their address or anything else and the DWP doesn't cross check at the moment, either way, its not your responsibility, and you don't even need to get a criminal records check if its your money you are spending, though this is quite simple to do and a good idea if the childminder isn't very well known to you. Do be aware of your potential responsibilities as an 'employer' and get good advice first.
Thanks very much for ur help. I had thought about having a close friend look after my daughter but she isn't a registered childminder so that was what I was wondering about. As for the pension idea it's great to know this as I could be saving towards a future really if I did that. I will still ring carers uk tomo to clarify a few it her points then its hopefully all good news from here Image thanks again guys really appreciate all the help x