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Carers allowance and entitlements? - Carers UK Forum

Carers allowance and entitlements?

All about money
Hi. im hoping for some help and from reading this seems a nice friendly forum Image
Firstly has anyone claimed carers allowance recently? Just wondering how long they are currently taking? i know they quote 4-6 weeks, just wondered if that was an actual time scale after waiting for 5 months for p.i.p. to get sorted.
I am trying to take the best option for my family and even after using a couple of the benefit entitlement sites they say what i could possibly claim, i just dont understand it. I am carer for my wife, have been for a few years but things have gradually got worse. We also have 3 young children who i care for mainly. We are self employed although havent been working much lately due to having to look after my wife more.The business has been making profit of £30 between us per week, we get £190 tax credits(child and working), 47 child benefit and now 53 pip, maximum housing benefit and £16 council tax benefit. we have no savings or other income. I have rang tax credits because i was informed i can claim a disability working tax credit of approx £55 of which i do meet the criteria, and also applied for carers allowance.
Now with struggling to keep the business afloat it adds additional stress and affecting us all greatly. we were wondering what would happen if we ended the business. what would we be entitled to? This is a hard decision for me as i have worked for myself(with the wife) for 15 years now, but somethings got to give somewhere.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thats way to complex to ask here: you should get proper professional advice before making any changes: try
Carers UK Adviceline - 0808 808 7777. It is open Wednesday and Thursday from 10-12 and 2-4. You can also email us at]advice@carersuk.org[/url] or use the form below and we’ll reply within 5 working days.