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Unbelievable DLA Staff! -Carers UK Forum

Unbelievable DLA Staff!

All about money
I am a member of an online emailing group for parents with children with Downs Syndrome, one of the Mums was chatting to 2 Mums in her local area both have 6 year olds with DS and had applied for DLA, they were only given low rate care even though the children need care through the night. Mother 1 was told by the DLA people to give her son sleeping pills and Mother 2 has been advised to stop giving her son food and drink after a certain time of day so he wont need to use the toilet at night, in addition Mother 2 has been told to use safety precautions and allow her son to wander about the house at night thereby not requiring nighttime rate!!

What the hell? Are they next going to tell them to lock their sons in their rooms overnight and ignore them, these cuts the government are making are just ridiculous
I have got to be honest, I often wonder about these types of stories being completely true.. Image

I know just how bad the different benefits sections can be but that type of thing would be more than their respective jobs are worth. I know a lot of these calls are recorded too.

If it is true, and it were me, I would be asking for the name of the person I was speaking to and to be put through to someone higher up the chain such as the line manager.
It is true as others have come forward and said they have been told the same thing! The Mums concerned are appealing and reporting what they were told
We had a case some years ago where the advice over an infant with nocturnal epilepsy was to pad the sides of the cot. This was in writing.

Needless to say a blistering response led to a change of mind.