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DLA for Life - Not! Is this legal? - Carers UK Forum

DLA for Life - Not! Is this legal?

All about money
This may well have been discussed and moaned about before on the forum, I'm guessing, so apologies if I'm bringing back an old topic. As the subject says, many of us were awarded DLA "Indefinitely", a lifetime award, yet we're to start to be accessed for PIP come October 2015 and could potentially lose our claims.

Since we were awarded it for life, is it legal that the government can "change their mind"? Aren't they going back on what they said? Isn't this effectively breaking a contract? Has anyone tried taking them to court over the lifetime awards yet, does anyone know?
The way I'm informed by a union shop steward is the DLA can be awarded Indefinitely but can be taken away. If awarded for life then they can't take. Get help it is advised.
The old SDA had a lifetime award and people who received it received continuing rights for life when things changed to DLA.
Thanks for this thread.
Both hubby and Sarah have it for life and to take it away with PIP is ridiculous, hubby goes 65 in December and if they take his DLA away then he loses the car so loses his chance to get out of the house
DLA for life is a misnomer, it's a so-called working age benefit. My husband is on high everything and when he turns 65 at the end of this month ... BOOM ... it's gone. We then have to apply for attendance allowance which is significantly lower than DLA; it has no mobility component only care.

On top of that we can't apply for Attendance allowance until he is actually 65 and not a day before; so there will be a gap in benefits too. If only there was a gap in his disability.
Abby, IF you get DLA before you are 65, it will just keep going - unless they've changed the rules? Mum had it before she was 65. Now 87, she still gets highest rates for both.
Abby your hubby is in the same position as mine but his DLA will not stop, he will be invited to apply for PIP if he was 64 or under in March 2013, my hubby has an indefinite award and he will be invited to apply for PIP on or after October 2015, has your hubby only got his award till August 2014 or is it indefinite?
I am worried sick that hubby wont get the high rate PIP mobility and we will lose the car or that because he is over 65 in Oct 2015 they will stop his DLA
Off topic for a second, I love the way they "invite" people to apply for PIP.

In my eyes, if you offer someone an invite, you are offering them a choice. No choice exists, either apply or else. It sickens me :mad:
Well, there seems to be no clear answer to this thus far. If I was brave enough, I'd consider trying my luck in court. But I'm too scared. :?