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DLA Fail - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

DLA Fail

All about money
you can ring dla and ask for the letter to say why it has been refused re apply and see welfare rights or citizen advice
I have used Mencap to help with DLA forms. My son's was lowered when he was 16 and no one could work out why. It eventually went through when we asked for it to be looked at by professionals.

I have been told that having reports from the last 6 months makes a big difference.

We have so much to deal with and we shouldnt have to deal with all the forms and appeals. I am so sorry this has happened.
Thanks for all your replies. We are going to reapply for DLA and the people at DIAL will be helping to fill it out. My husband saw his work doctor on Monday who said it is likely that he will be medically retired so that may help with the case. Fingers crossed it gets approved. Poor hubby has been in a state and I work full time, without the DLA money we have no funds for a carer.
do not re apply appeal as the longer it goes on and you win they give you back pay if you re apply you have to start again
does CRPS stand for chronic regional pain syndrome?
Its Complex Regional Pain Syndrome but I often mistake it for Chronic when telling people what he has.
Tracie, we have appealed already, at local court hearing and non-local. Both have refused. We have been told we can't appeal any more than we have already done.
Just throwing an idea in here but does your local MP know about your situation he/she may be able to help?
What do other ppl on this forum think about this suggestion?
It's not something I've had to do myself but I've heard this suggested before when there seems nowhere else to go.
So much depends on the MP. Mine has his pet subjects and doesn't seem to care about others.
MummyElla Now what I am going to say is and Please do not take this the wrong way
But if they say that he is fit for work and you know he's not and you cannot
Appeal any more the Play them at there own game and take him into the
job center and tell them he is reporting for work or sign on and leave them to it
If you understand what I am trying to say I know it may be cruel to Oh but
to make them understand ! if that's what it take's thats what you will have to do
Because if he cannot do what they want alone then perhaps they may see sense
sorry if this sound's cruel but it would be what I would do if it happend to me
and I am sure oh would understand ?