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daughter turning 19

All about money
hi just wondering if you cannot offer advice as what to do my daughter is 18 turning 19 next month she suffers from cerebral palsy and left full time eduction at the end of this summer. she claims pip enhanced for both parts and my partner is her carer and claims carers allowance and as a result income support. my partner gets extra premiums for my daughter being disabled under the heading because you have a child who is disabled my daughter does not claim any other benefits. child benefit for her stopped at the beginning of september and income support did send a short letter asking what her plans were in the summer whether she was staying on in education or working. i replied saying her eduction had finished and informed them of the end date and stated that her income is PIP. i also during the summer phoned income support as my daughters appointee and enquired about what would happen now such as does she claim ESA now she has left college. the advisor told me that once she claims ESA the premiums that come with income support would stop so he advised not to do anything until i have to. when i phoned ESA they said not to do anything either until approached by income support

my question is will my daughter be able to stay part of my partners / daughters fathers claim of income support or will she automatically be transferred to ESA or will she be invited to apply?

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated as up to yet income support have not been in touch as to what happens now

much appreciated
my husband was on income support he had a call to check personal details,then he had to fill a short form out couple of months later an ESA form came,a moth after he had a call to say his money would automatically change over from income support to ESA.
thanks for the information hopefully that will be the case for my daughter as i said she is not claiming income support in her own right so not sure what will happen