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Disregarded for council tax

All about money
Well done Karen. Assertiveness is something to practice, really tough the first time, not so bad the second time etc. I used to be a little mouse, now I'm quite happy standing up for what I believe in, even representing local residents fighting major planning applications. I have a VERY smart black suit which makes me feel super efficient.
If I'm phoning about something important, I always wait until I'm in a good mood, because I know it comes over in my voice.
Good for you Karen and thank you for sharing - hopefuly this may help someone else to.
Karen, if you are exempt as a carer for mum, who has severe mental impairment, then she too should be exempt I think. If I'm right (assuming you are living together) then unless there is someone else there, there should not be any charge at all.
Afraid not BB- the full exemption is only for properties Wholey occupied by SMI.
In Karen's case there will be entitlement to a Double disregard (25% each) so the person element of CTAX will not be liable but there remains the 50% property element to pay.
Thanks Henrietta. It's really useful having your "insider" information. It seems crazy that two disregards don't mean no payment!
Henrietta are you sure on this? I spoke to my local authority yesterday and got impression CT be zero if I was accepted as FT carer (my CSP 'should' be enough for this) and my mum's GP confirm her having SMI. I explained that my mum has minor cognitive impairment, at which point advisor suggested that 'something for future maybe, then household get full exemption from CT.' It could just be the person element, and also things could be different here north of border.

Hi G Fraser
Unless the legislation has changed in the last couple of years -yes I am sure but my advice would be that not everyone in LAs knows the legislation so don't argue if they give you an exemption!
I agree with Henrietta. The council tax people are the most confusing and least informed in my borough. One year I had to pay nothing, the next year the calculation was completely different.
Hey peeps.

Just has same response as Karen did start this thread (hope ok to tag on, I recalled posting on it so dug it out) .e. my carer's discount should not have been applied as my mum was not on higher rate of AA.

Council is offering to leave it in place retrospectively for previous financial year. Fair enough, but shouldn't be left in place as of right and also backdated to before able get my carers support plan (this been turned down)

In fact my mum was awarded higher rate AA back mid March, showed evidence this at service point so this should be ok going forward (hopefully).

Wondering if AA/carer discount CT debate was ever definitely ironed out?!
Talk to council direct you are entitled and research has shown so many carers are not claiming this and key is confusion over mental health impairment and Attendance allowance and remember to request back date to the time you either lived their or your mum moved in and you became a carer even if you work you are entitled.