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Disabled versus Carer? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Disabled versus Carer?

All about money
Well, the government is boxing clever and have rewritten the rules, Scally. PIP replaced DLA and that is the one that has the rule that if you're caring you won't qualify. Apparently you can be fit to work as a care worker and still need PIP, in theory, but not care for the same person as a family member and claim the benefits.

Now whether that is even halfway legal is another question. Where benefits are concerned, the government either wins in court (where there is no logical reason for them to do so) or they rewrite the law, backdate it and push it through Parliament.

This measure - most of them in fact - has been about saving money first and foremost. Would that they were as assiduous in collecting tax from the dodgers.
this is a very silly rule. My son with Downs Syndrome, guides his registered blind Dad around in a better and safer way than I do.He does it with 100% commitment, whereas I forget that I am thinking of the safety of two of us,and end up daydreaming as I am walking. My son isn't a Carer for 35 hours,but he does help his Dad and can be his eyes and sometimes his legs for him(at home if my husband needs something he cannot get to).Likewise, when it comes to the Diabetes,my husband is able to support our son, he knows the feelings of living with the condition, he knows how to sort out problems with the blood monitor and he is the one who can advise on what to do in an emergency situation, if my daughter and I are not there.We all rely on each other,but I am sure there are many people where perhaps both could be disabled with differing disabilities but able to care for each other,making up for whatever the other person cannot do.
I once nursed two sisters,very old widowed ladies. One had a very sharp mind but was in a wheelchair, the other had Alzheimers but was fully mobile.They were able to cope at home for a long time because they worked well as a team.The sister in the wheelchair gave the orders,planned the household etc,the sister with Alzheimers just followed the orders.Each was disabled,but each was also a Carer.
I can see a lot of problems cropping up with this, and maybe people having to get extra help and support into the house to help them.