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Disabled versus Carer? - Carers UK Forum

Disabled versus Carer?

All about money
I have just been informed by D.W.P., that i have to choose between my disability, and my role as Carer. I think this is wholly unfair, as i am a disabled person doing her best to look after her Mother. If i choose my disability then i am being made to attend job focussed interviews. So who will care for my Mother during this. In the end i have to pick my Caring role, so am no longer being classed disabled. Sucks Image
What about their duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people under the Disability Discrimination Act. Not much sign of it here?! Of course you can be disabled and a carer, I was for many years, but I only claimed DLA Mobility, wasn't entitled to CA as I was only a part time carer for mum and M; wasn't claiming any income related benefits either. What they are really saying, I suspect, is that you can't have CA and disabled income related benefits too. I know that there's a concept of having "underlying entitlement" to some benefits, so it is worth getting specialist advice from an adviser who can tell you more. By specialist adviser I mean a disability rights worker, the Carers UK helpline, or similar. The DWP don't always give the best advice!
Thank you. I do intend seeking further advice, as this pigeon-holing of people is very unhelpful. It doesn't present a true picture of ones situation. This changeover system is very confusing at best.
I read on the Downs emailing site that a new ruling is coming in saying that anyone who is claiming DLA cannot claim Carers for someone else anymore as if they are deemed disabled they cant 'care' properly, I know its affecting one of the men on the site as he is disabled and also a carer for his son with Downs Syndrome, I will try and find some links
That just goes to show how little is understood about the concept of "disabled". I had little option but to care when I was disabled too. After a car accident I had keyhole surgery and two knee replacements later. Apart from the six weeks when I couldn't drive, I was expected to do everything as if I was 100%. There are minutes written by Social Services about me "refusing" to attend a meeting when I was just out of hospital on two crutches and unable even to get into a car unaided - no one offered to collect me or take me home of course. I frequently had to ask SSD for meetings to be held downstairs, not upstairs. I had to explain that I couldn't sit in a chair unless it had arms and a soft seat. As long as I could cope somehow with M when he was at home, SSD were not bothered about my well being at all!
Honestly, this is scandalous. What we need is for all people who are disabled AND carers to tell SS that they can't care any more as they're disabled and it's been decided that you can't be both, so please send someone to look after my caree right now as I won't be doing it any more - "oh & by the way SS - my caree has just fallen over, soiled him/herself and hasn't had anything to eat or drink all day but I'm going out now - key's under the mat."

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Ladybird, I like your style!!! Of course the government probably has no idea about how many disabled people are carers, especially "hidden" carers like me, as I don't claim income related benefits.
It's all about saving money for the government, you can have one or the other but not both.
ladybird17 and if lets say all carers stop doing there caring and laid down there tools, i could see what the government would do next is round up all the carees, place them all in low budget homes, staff with low pay under staffed work force, those zero hours contract that have been in the news this week or some of the work fare.
Hi guys,

We just wanted to follow up with a bit of advice from our experts here on the Adviceline. The current situation means that someone can claim certain disability benefits and carer’s benefits. The explanation is here from the Adviceline:

There is nothing in law that will stop someone who is in receipt of a disability related benefit themselves (such as Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance or Personal Independence Payment) from claiming Carer's Allowance for providing care to another person provided the carer is able to meet all of the eligibility criteria for Carers Allowance – for further information on the eligibility criteria for Carers Allowance, please see our factsheet on the benefit: www.carersuk.org/professionals/order-pu ... ent-uk1025

There is also a principle of ‘underlying entitlement’ which is where you cannot be paid Carers Allowance because you are being paid another benefit which ‘overlaps’ with it. An ‘underlying entitlement’ means that you meet all the criteria for Carer’s Allowance but can’t be paid it. (To be given an ‘underlying entitlement’, you must still make a claim for Carer’s Allowance.) If you have an underlying entitlement to Carers Allowance and you are in receipt of a means tested benefit, you will get the carer premium or addition included in your means-tested benefit award.

For more information on the underlying entitlement to Carers Allowance, please see the following information on our Carers UK website]www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice/help-w ... r-addition[/url]

When we move to the future, as some of you have pointed out, things will change. In the future when Universal Credit comes fully on stream – the situation will be worse. The Government said that Universal Credit would be in place by 2015 but this seems to be delayed so it is difficult for us to know when individual people will be affected at this stage.

In Universal Credit there will be ‘elements’ to replace Employment Support Allowance (“ESA”) and the current ‘carer premium’. However under the Universal Credit rules, a carer will only be entitled to either a carer element or a disability element – not both. The carer will be paid one of the disability elements if this is worth more than the carer element.

Many carers with health problems will be worse off because of this change – Carers UK has said this is deeply unfair and completely fails to understand the reality of many families’ lives - where you aren’t either caring or disabled, but that carers can often be ill or disabled and that disabled people often care. However the Government is going ahead with this change. If you are a carer and are getting either income-related or contributory ESA yourself, the changes become complicated. Do seek advice either from our Carers UK helpline or from another welfare specialist organisation.

Hope that helps?

Carers UK
Very concerning development, and a helpful answer. DLA is payable to people in or out of work of course, it isn't means-tested. I know people on good professional salaries who receive DLA - its designed to help with the extra costs of disability, that's all. And, carers also work: 35 hours a week minimum to claim CA: having a disability such as deafness doesn't make people unable to work OR care, far from it. Likewise, CA isn't means tested as such, for example investment income or an occupational pension isn't taken into account. So how can they justify taking DLA and/or similar disability related benefits away from Carers just because they are also incidentally disabled, when they aren't taking them away from the working disabled? Isn't this discrimination and retrograde? We will obviously need to watch this space, I can foresee a whole can of worms opening up.