Disabled facilities grant

All about money
Ayjay and Ron
I suggest you search the Ombudsmans findings for disabled facilities and see how they ruled in funding cases. I quite often find these give a clearer view of what actually happens and should happen
Try a variety of search terms as most of the cases seem to be about delays but I'm sure I've read one's about funding in the past

Hope this helps
Really useful link Mrs A. I couldn't find anything relating to the specific issues raised on this thread but it indicates the thinking of the Ombudsman in case anything goes awry during the application propcess and beyond.
If you have a second property, don't bother completing a financial assessment. No matter that the second property is for your son to live in who has no way of getting a mortgage under his own name, no matter that you make not a single penny from the property, no matter that you are loosing money to the property helping your son pay for the ridiculously high service management charges, the fact that the property is under your name means you don't get a single penny for the grant. Doesn't even matter that you don't have any money in your bank accounts as anything coming in is going to pay off mortgages etc so you are left with nothing at month end, just the fact that your name is on a second property means you don't get any help. This was my experience with my dad who I'm caring for.