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Direct payments

All about money
Hi there wonder if anyone can help me. My daughter receives Direct Payments and while her day-to-day needs haven't changed her Day Care Facility have had to put their prices up due to increases in providing fully qualified staff, pension contributions, rising utility bills etc.

Not getting far with our local Social Work Department as even they cant tell me if Direct Payments increase in line with inflation
Hi Lynn ... a holding reply of sorts until others arrive.

DPs ? No obligation on LAs to increase in line with charges levied by those on the outside providing the services.

Make be something in the Care Act 2014 but ... probably , at best , a " Should " type phrase ... one for our Advice team.

Citizens' Advice Bureau ... a brief outline including amount granted :

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/wales ... or-care-w/

In fact , more chance of a " Review " leading to a reduction in DPs unless your caree's needs have increased !

Any possiblitiy of you or a family member replacing an outsider ?

There are " Gateways " in the existing DP legislation to enable this to actually happen.

Separate thread on that whole issue available elsewhere.

No much ... nor a crumb of comfort but ... I trust it will help until the calvary arrive ?
The direct payments should cover the care that your daughter needs, as specified in the care plan. Costs go up, so should DP's. Maybe email Carers UK's helpline for the Umpire's decision?!
Costs go up, so should DP's.

4 external Internet sources ... the word ... SHOULD ... appears in all four.

How often that word comes back to bite carers and carees alike ?
Hi I am worried sick at the moment as my poorly Husband has Lymphoma we are not sure which one,but he's on direct payments, and we are having to cut down on his carers in order to pay for personal, care as I am struggling with helping him dress & undress due to my self with Osteoarthritis. My Husband is Disabled as well with Osteoarthritis of hips knees and spine and deaf & severely sighted in both eyes. I am so scared with all this.We are both upset by all this.It seems that yet again us carers are struggling. Regards Amandah