Direct payments

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Hello,I am really worried that my Direct payment will stop.I use them for my own needs to have a massage eg Reflexology or crystal healing.I am a full time carer/pa/housewife.I fear that I am no longer worthy in the councils eyes.Yet my Husband is still getting his direct payments. I Feel extremely hurt.Regards Amanda h
Amanda can u explain to me what direct payment is .its just i have been caring 5 years and altho it was written it my grannys care plan direct payments to be discussed with me they never were.
Amanda, why do you think they are going to stop?
Although I've been a carer for 38 years, I've never had a bean from our LA!
I have never had a penny either thats why i am wondering lol.and i have been out of pocket more getting taxis to and from their house and paying for a massage fortnightly to destress

There is info on direct payments here:

Thank you melly i will have a wee look now
Hello Thank you all for your reply s.Direct payments are to help carers have maybe extra care or a therapy.There is a link on the page.I really hope it goes through.As I do gain something.Regards Amanda h.
g hi at last problem all sorted for the time being.Thank good.But they hadn't paid since April.Never mind so a few more treatments will be booked .Regards Amanda h