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My Dad passed away earlier this year with over £2500 in his direct payment account. This built up as I couldn't find suitable PAs and provided most of the care myself. Dad contributed £80 a week to the account with the council paying the rest. Is Dad's family entitled to a refund of his unused contributions? Thanks
The rules for this sort of thing are laid down in the Care Act, but from my personal experience, are not always applied! The following is a rough guide, but you need to contact the CUK helpline for a definitive answer.

According to what my LA has told me, if my son had weeks when NONE of the money was used at all, because no services were provided, then no "client contribution" would have been payable.

My son had some money left over in his account and I have been asked to return it to the LA. As yet I haven't as there is a dispute about whether I could pay myself for hours I provided - the Care Act says I can, the LA says I can't!

The rules vary depending on whether the carer lives with the caree, in which case the LA can agree in "exceptional circumstances". As I don't live with my son, so that doesn't apply at all to me.

It seems your situation and mine are similar. If you couldn't find anyone suitable, and had to provide the care yourself, then that surely counts as "exceptional circumstances".

Talk to the CUK helpline before doing anything about the money. You MAY be allowed for it to be used to pay you, as long as tax and NI payments were taken off, which a "payroll agency" could deal with. In this case, dad's weekly "client contribution" would be deducted.
Direct Payments come from the LA, rather than DWP, so I don't think the guide applies?
Thank you so much, greatly appreciated