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Didn't get my carer's allowance backdated - Carers UK Forum

Didn't get my carer's allowance backdated

All about money
I was wondering if anyone could advise on this anomalie I've experienced with regards carer's allowance...I can't help thinking other people might have had a similar experience.

My issue is as follows

I became a full time carer looking after my elderley mother who became disabled after falling over.

I have been granted carer's allowance but they refused to back date my claim to when I first began caring for my mother.

They said the reason why was because I didn't apply within the first 6 months of becoming a carer......however the reason I didn't apply sooner was simply because if I had I wouldn't have met the criteria to be granted carer's allowance. Therefore I wanted to get in touch to see if there's anything I can do...eg. appeal etc.

In more detail.

My understanding was I could only get carer's allowance if the person I care for (my mum in this case) is herself in receipt of attendance allowance. Now for her to receive attendance allowance she herself has to go through a period of being eligible for it for 6 months before she could get this benefit. It was during this 6 months period I was caring for her......but of course it was pointless me applying for carer's allowance sooner because she wasn't in receipt of attendance allowance ......consequently I wouldn't have been granted carer's allowance......she didn't meet the criteria for attendance allowance until 6 months down the road.

In short

They've turned me down for not applying within 6 months but during that initial 6 month period I wasn't eligible to receive the benefit because of other rules they set..and this is why I didn't apply. It seems the government have made rules which are then impossible to adhere to.

The specific dates

1st Feb 2014 - My mum first needs a full time carer

1st Feb 2014 - I become my mum's full time carer

Early August 2014 - I submit the form for attendance allowance for my mum

20 Sep 2014 - My mum is granted attendance (paid from 20 Sep 2014)

Sept 2014 - I apply online for carer's allowance

22 Sep 2014 - I am granted attendance allowance (paid from 22 Sep 2014.....but I had been a full time carer and getting into debt since 1 Feb 2014)

As I say is there anything I can do...like for example appeal as there was a good reason for not applying and they are setting rules which are impossible to adhere to.
Hi Juan

That looks like a similar pattern to my saga and I think I had the same - CA only awarded from date of application, in my experience DWP will move every possible goal post and rule in their own favour and if you actualy get a penny out of them you need to frame the letter it comes with and hang it on the wall with your other trophies.