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Hi I'm new my name is Jane I'm 38,
I claim PIP and I'm on ESA (fighting for the right group) I have primary servere SLE lupus, and fibromyalgia, I have just recently and am being investigated for epilepsy (currently since Sunday night 5 days ago have been suffering cluster seizures and brain activity 24/7) I'm going in for an video-telemetry on 19th June.
I live with my parents temporarily but need a house of my own.
But because of all this it's making decision making from them harder of what and where to put me and what rates etc, so I thought would a carer be useful? I've had carers before in the past and they were brilliant when I was really ill, I can't rely of my parents for much longer they're in their 70s (you know) I should be caring for them :(
Firstly, as you are currently ill. Put off making too many decisions. Your health is the most important factor for now. Try and get your diagnosis and this will help in the longer term. I'm sure your parents would feel happier for you to stay at the moment. You need to contact you local Social Services dept and ask for a needs assessment. ... assessment
At this assessment everything would be discussed and plans put in place. ... l-services
Try and do this straight away!
The difficulty with housing is for you to think about which type.
Would you need a bungalow/warden control(these are not just for older people etc.
Have you place yourself on the housing register. Try and do that straight away(as social housing is in short supply). ... il_housing
Some medical conditions give higher priority this varies through LA's.
Currently, you will be seen as adequately houses and not being homeless. Even if your parents are of an age.
Talk to your local Citizen Advice and call Carers UK help line.

There is a lot of help and support try not to worry to much.