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Dads bank card - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Dads bank card

All about money
Like I mentioned earlier IT'S ILLEGAL. Stick to your guns.
bowlingbun wrote:
Tue Apr 07, 2020 1:39 pm

I've had ten carees over the last 40 years, all four parents, plus other family members.

I know that sometimes I come over as very assertive, both here and to social services.
If you don't stick up for yourself and the ones you love, they are not going to get the care and services they have a right to receive, and their money won't be accounted for properly.

One care home was made to repay £65,000 to just four clients (one the brother of someone I knew) for making false claims!!

For health reasons, my son with LD now lives in a flat 14 miles away, he usually comes home every third weekend, but is staying at his flat for the time being, due to the virus. I stick around on the forum to help others avoid the problems I have encountered. SSD told the Ombudsman that my son's case was "complicated" which I quickly refuted. I just want to know he is safe, happy, and healthy. Surely that's all anyone wants for anyone they care about? Social workers are supposed to have the same goals!
You say what needs to be said you are honest and upfront and it’s what people need when they are struggling with things they don’t understand I can’t thank you enough for your advice they are not getting his card or pin and I’m writing a formal complaint against his SW I didn’t like her from the start now I despise her thanks for your help first thing tomorrow morning I’m calling about DWP appointee 😀
Good. Another tip is to ask the home and the social worker NOT to speak to you, but to put it in writing because sometimes it's difficult to remember. This is a way of gathering evidence for the future. It's worked very well for me!