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Council tax rebate

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Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place, but I would like some advice on the exemption from council tax please. Mum has been diagnosed with vascular dementia and I completed the form back in May and attached a letter from the consultant at the memory clinic. However the council have written back to mum, even though the letter states I have LPA and asked for proof of attendance allowance. I don't know how to get this proof or if it is really necessary ?

Any advice would be gratefully received,

Hi Karen
You do need proof of a qualifying benefit, of which one is Attendance Allowance, your Mum would have received a letter in March/April stating amount she would get. Just copy this and send to council, I did this for my Husband and our council replied within a few days.
Best wishes
Thanks Linda, I will have to write to pension credit people as mum often throws important letters away. I haven't seen a letter from them, but mum always gives me the junk mail!

Thanks again,

I'm sure you don't need a letter from DWP, "severe mental impairment" is a medical matter, just ask the GP to support your application.

Make a formal complaint to the council that despite you telling them she had dementia and you had LPA, that they wrote to her on this matter. Insist all further correspondence is sent to you.
Also, send a copy of your LPA so that DWP send everything to you as well.
Do the same for the banks, utility bills, insurances, and anything else you can. It saves so much bother. That's the voice of experience!
Thanks for your advice, I find no one in authority takes any notice of me but they are happy for me to do all the care, mum gets nothing, and I mean nothing from any statutory service. I am left with the problems and behavioural issues to sort out. If I do ask for help there is nothing SS want to do,

Rant over, I will carry on as all carers do,

Thanks again
Hi Karen

You can check if your Mum is getting Attendance Allowance by checking her Bank statements. Along with the sums for her Pension and Pension Credit there would also be an amount (standard rate is £57.30 per week and higher rate is £85.60 per week). I can't now remember what the 'code' alongside my Mum's payments were (she died back in 2012).

So if you can't find the letter maybe the council will accept a photocopy of her bank statement showing the amount being paid ? Alternatively check here https://www.gov.uk/attendance-allowance/what-youll-get for details of the AA helpline and ask for a copy.
No one used to take any notice of me either until I started making formal complaints. I know it's wrong, but you need to yell to get heard. I've just had an Ombudsman's decision, the LA have to redo everything within 8 weeks and have to make proper provision for my needs. Start complaining! That's not to the local office, but to the Director of Social Services at County level, and also the County Complaints officer.
susieq wrote:
Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:19 pm
Hi Karen
I can't now remember what the 'code' alongside my Mum's payments were (she died back in 2012).
NI number, followed by DWP AA


Much easier though to get everyone mum has a financial arrangement of any sort with, to send all the paperwork to you, if you have Power of Attorney. My mum once had an electricity bill saying she had overpaid by £1800, but not to worry, they'd carry it forward to the next bill!!