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Council Tax exemptions query - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Council Tax exemptions query

All about money
MPs don't usually have much influence with councils. Better to speak to your local councillor. They can open doors an MP can't.
Thanks bowlingbun.
I was not aware of this Subject Access Request.

Another thing you many not be aware of is a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST - FOI

If you want to know any information about policy, procedures, how many people receive certain services, etc. you can make an FOI.
You don't have to give a reason for asking.
Again, there is a time within which they have to reply. If you apply via the council's website, they have an online form, and when you've submitted it, you should get an acknowledgement immediately.
When I was involved with a planning issue, I made an FOI. A councillor asked me "How do you know about FOI's?"
I often call myself an "Information Ferret".
Dad was a scientist who was always thinking, questioning, and this rubbed off on me, just not his mathematical brain!!!!
I hope everyone had a fruitful Carers Week.

Hopefully this is the final update of this Council tax. All I can say that there is an upside to all of this palaver. Further knowledge.
I was not aware of the discount on your water bill if you are struggling financially. Water help and Watersure, you should find this on your suppliers website.

I contacted my local carers support centre and found out there was a consultation, carers and council tax was on the menu (my words not theirs). I feel as if there was a party and I was not invited. I finally find out there was a change of council tax policy this year.
So in the middle of toing and froing of emails and letters I paid a council tax bill with the intention of claiming the £150 rebate. (That is a long and drawn out situation and many are still waiting).

The MP responded and contacted the council ( yes, I was stunned), I would not be surprised if my letter was disclosed (it is the type of letter you do not ignore). The coucil tax bill has been reviewed, revised and reduced. The HB department has informed me the exact amont of HB that we are entitled to.

No response about the subject access request. In due course I will get onto the council website i see what I can do. Thank you all for your help and advice.

Just one thing concerns me. If my council is taking and I am assuming the Carers Allowance into consideration with council tax. Would this mean any increase in Carers Allowance would mean more council tax to pay.