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Council Tax Exemption or Disregard - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

Council Tax Exemption or Disregard

All about money
Hello people

Unfortunately, it appears that our local council are correct in how they are applying the '50% all resident disregard' to my mother's property - 25% to mum (SMI) and 25% to me (carer).

Carers UK have replied to my email. There seems to be an issue regarding the lack of clarity due to the government's guide being "interpretation of the law but not legislation which can be complex." I'm not a lawyer and don't understand this. Why bother at all with that final sentence in Section 5?

However, the Carers UK representative has made some recommendations regarding future reading that might improve my understanding of the Council Tax.

Best wishes to all, David
And I'd like to thank both bowlingbun and sunnydisposition for their help here. It's been quite interesting!

Take care, David
I think you ought to ask that question of your MP, showing him the exact wording.

I've just had another look at section 5. I think it all hinges on the word "worker".
It clearly states that there is not charge if there is someone with SMI and a care WORKER.

Once again, this question about whether or not the care a relative provides equates for work.
Hi bowlingbun

But beneath the particular description of 'care worker' we, as 'carers', are described..........

"people caring for someone with a disability who is not a spouse, partner or child under 18"

I don't intend to give up on it, but there's a lot of reading coming I'm afraid.

There are trainee barristers who operate on what they call a "pro bono" basis. Free in plain English.
This sounds like something one of them might be very interested in.
Pages 71-77 of the "Council Tax Guidance Manual" have been referred to me, to check different types of exempt properties.

This manual, however, "does not replace legislation but it is more detailed and comprehensive than the government website and is used by the Valuation Services Tribunal who hear appeals about council tax decisions."

I'll read what's been recommended but I get the feeling it's nothing but a wild-goose chase again as it appears to be nothing but interpretation (whatever that in itself actually means). If a council refuses to follow the government's interpretation of the law...............
Wouldn't a council be prepared for legal action bowlingbun?
If a trainee barrister thinks there is some contradictory guidance, it's just the sort of thing to let them get their teeth into! Sorting it out for family carers would look good on a CV!
I agree. And to my untrained eye there does appear to be contradictory guidance.

But the comfortable tones with which the council employee explained the issue over the phone suggests they're ready for just this sort of situation, should it present itself. After my new reading tasks, I'll look into the legal side of things but, although an enthusiastic trainee barrister would like something public-spirited on their CV, let's remember it's their own careers they're really interested in.

I still find what appears to me to be conflicting information very strange. The language itself.
I would ask the council employee to email the information.
I think of it as setting a little trap.
I have no hesitation in acting the dumb female on these occasions and use terms like "so I can get my head round it" or "so I can show my son/brother etc.etc."
The end goal is to get what I want as quickly and as easily as possible, with things in writing that they cannot deny saying later.

I've had enough of Social Services telling lies!!!