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Council Tax Exemption or Disregard - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Council Tax Exemption or Disregard

All about money
I'll do that bowlingbun, but can they be trusted to perform even the simplest of tasks like carrying out their duty? Ayjay seems to think not. (Not unlike the liars I've met who work for social services and care agencies.) It is just not possible that these people have made this sort of error. Even all the obscurity over 'exemptions', 'disregards' and 'discounts' seems to me deliberate.

Many thanks for your help, David
The aim is to achieve the desired result with the minimum of effort.
So ring them and point them to the relevant .gov paragraph. If that doesn't work with the first person, ask to speak to their line manager. If that doesn't work,make a formal complaint, via the council's website.
I'll do this tomorrow, if they're at work with the virus.
My eldest son works for the local council, in the engineering workshops, he's worked right through. Although office staff are supposed to be working from home as much as possible, they should still be contactable. When No.1 is "on call" like this weekend, the "on call" phone is just redirected to his mobile.
I'll let you know how I get along tomorrow evening.

Best wishes, David
Hi David

Please give our adviceline a ring or drop them an email, I am sure they'll be able to help you with your situation.

They can be contacted on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm or email advice@carersuk.org. They're quite quick at getting back to members although please bear in mind during lockdown it may take a few days.

good luck
Hello Ingrid

I did call earlier this year due to confusion over 'exemptions' and 'disregards' but from what I've just read very recently the local council here seem to be wrong. I'll send in an email.

Many thanks, David
Although she read the last sentence of the section "'Diregarded' people" in '5.Council Tax Discounts', the person I spoke with today refused to accept that my role as carer, although listed among those 'disregarded' people, is considered what the government affirms it to be and surely exempted.

Of course, my mum is "severely mentally impaired", listed as a disregarded person and exempt from Council Tax (still awarded only 25% discount though). But the opening sentence under the section's title "You will usually get a 50% discount if nobody living in your home, including you, is 'counted' for Council Tax" should be left there as I'm listed among those 'disregarded people' and both mum and I are the only residents.

Does this confusion stem from home ownership?

I was told to send in an email to the council for a clearer explanation.

I would send a different letter, asking them to clarify why they didn't think you were classed as a carer?

(The definition of a carer is along the lines of you are a carer if the amount of work you do for someone else who is disabled has a significant impact on your own life).

If the person you care for has dementia, could she manage without someone caring for her, or would she be in a home by now, without you?
Do you claim carers allowance.