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Council TAX Benefit

All about money

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice re Council Tax Benefit, My husband who I care for and for whom I receive Carers Allowance becomes a pensioner in a few days time and it appeared that the swap from ESA to pension would give us a rise of £37.38 per week as you can imagine we were thrilled no more worry about the heating being on etc etc.

Last year we paid the grand sum of £51.79 in council tax (previously we paid nothing and were actually told by the benefits office that as my husband received the top awards for both mobility and care with his DLA we would never have to pay) but with this new austerity the rules changed. I informed the council tax office about our change in circumstances, today I have received a bill for £1285.51 which is approx 80% of the full tax amount it also states that our support only runs until my husband's 65th birthday., so presumably we will have to pay the full amount next year.

I have been on the council web site and it states that only people living in a home which has had to have an extra room or bathroom etc added to it for the disabled person to use, these people receive council tax support and this is done by lowering your tax band eg B band to A band. Unfortunately rather than doing anything like this we used all our savings and moved from a house to a bungalow, although we are now having to alter our bathroom from a step in shower to a walk in shower but this is not an additional room.

My husband hads a small persion of approx £105 a week and therefore we were told we don't qualify for pension credit but that was prior to todays mail is council tax taken into consideration?
Therefore my question is are Disabled people no long entitled to council tax help once they become pensioners and where can I get advice?

Sorry about the moan but from thinking that we would afford some luxuries to find that the council is taking most of it away has rather spoilt our birthday plans.
The benefits system is a real minefield, and everyone's circumstances are different. Councils may give out the wrong information, especially where disability is concerned. For example people with "severe mental impairment" are completely exempt, but when told someone has dementia they might forget about this exemption, because the wording used has been different! Ring the CUK helpline, and they will go through your finances to make sure all the correct benefits are being paid. If the helpline is busy, email them, and they'll get back to you.
Thanks I think the problem with Council Tax is every council can to a certain degree make their own rules.
They still have to follow some basic rules though.