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A bit of advice please - Carers UK Forum

A bit of advice please

All about money
Hello, i am new here and have just introduced myself.

Me and my partner are both carers for our 5 yr old son who has cerebral palsy, and evolving epilepsy and a dislocated hip.

Basically me and his dad bith seoerately have suffered with anxiety and we were both on sickness benefits previously to our on being born, i was on incapacity benefit for quite a long time due to post traumatic stress following some traumatic experiences in my life previously, anyway last year i was kicked off incap, but i didnt appeal because i couldnt cope with it and my needs where now directed to looking after our son. My partner was on income support sickness benefit previously as well as being the main carer for our son, we didnt get the premimun as far as im aware because of my incap, but last year i rang child tax credits and told them i was no longer on incap, my partner now has just been taken off income support (the sickness part from himself) and is the main carer, the money has now been reduced by about £43 a week, on top of that we have to now pay £14 a week bedroom tax for a bedroom we need for his dad to moniter our son and store our sons equipment (its a box room!) and we cant sleep together as we will disturb each other as hes constantly monitering our son through the night because of his seizures and also at the moment because of his hip dislocation, i need to get my sleep so im fit enough to care for our son in the daytime whilst his dad gets some sleep in the daytime as well as taking our son to school, we both have to be in the car just incase we need the emergancy rescue medicine for him.

We also have to now pay £3.50 a week council where before we paid nothing, so its a big chunk we are losing at the time we most need it as we have a mobility car which we have had to get the lease cancelled under exceptional circumstances due to the fact we are struggling to get our son in the car into his car seat, so we are getting a bigger mobility car with sliding doors which will make it easier for the time being although we need a wav but cant afford it, so we still have to lift him and carry him which is becoming dangerous now, and this car for our needs at the moment we have to pay £600 advance payment, we can just about stretch to it! But with the cuts as well its going to be very difficukt.

I did ring child tax credits to see if it made a difference to payments due to his dad losing his income support but she didnt seem to understand me! And told me to wait until April.

Im not even sure we get the carers preminum or not?
Claire have a look at this link. Might be best to give them a call, its free

Image thank you Rosemary, i shall do that, nice to meet you x