Council Tax

All about money
Bowling Bun. Disability is stroke wheelchair bound
No 25% discount! Band B £1330.00 dropped us down to A band £1,140.00 which is only £195 off .
Any mental impairment after the stroke?
Stroke wheelchair bound with carer partner
Mental impairment well a lot barely getting 4 hours sleep a night😒
In that case, the person concerned should not be liable for council tax since the day of the stroke, and IT CAN BE BACKDATED! Really simple to claim, get a form from the council that you pay CT to, ask for an exemption claim form. You may need a letter from the GP, it seems to vary from council to council.

It sounds like you are not getting enough help. When did your caree last have a Needs Assessment, and you, a Carers Assessment, from Social Services?