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Our Council Tax dropped a band for disability, interestingly on C/T statement :Band B to Band A:
But banding has not changed it’s still ‘B’ band! yes the actual amount is correct interesting band has
Not changed🤔 On looking at online account C/T £21.81 PW🤔 when called to query they seemed to refer to that as disability component!! £21.81 x £87.24🤗 .Theres only a saving of £195.00 difference
Between original and new band! We pay £114 a month🤔Yes! In the meantime done more checking
But the amount apparently is still correct (monthly payment we make) .........So why put in the
‘Liability’ £21.81?

The identity of your LA would be welcomed so that we can investigate ?
They claim amount is correct! My initial question to them what does liability mean ‘is this the amount
To pay P/W X4 £87.84🤔 ? That’s on our account page! then person told me to do another ‘Claim form’ giving all details (they already know) still ‘No more discount’ Hampshire🤔
As you are in the driving seat , little we can do unless the full details are revealed.

Hampshire CT bands ... for what they are worth ? ... ance/bands

( Band A ... £ 824.58 ... Band B ... £ 926.01. )

I will assume a 25% CT reduction ... and a possible further discount based on income ?
A Band £1,140.00 Band B 1,330.00.......yes paying Band A .....x 10 payments each £114.00
But why do they state ‘Liability as if that’s the amount to pay weekly £21.81 x4 £87.24🤔them of all
People say one thing but checking online account that should be accurate says differently?

The rates quoted do not correspond to those on the LA's web site for 2019 - 2020.
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Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:40 am

The rates quoted do not correspond to those on the LA's web site for 2019 - 2020.
You have forgotten about ‘Borough ‘ Charges! Hence my figures !
Thanks Moonlight ... said " Borough " charges were not displayed on the web site visited.

Still unable to assist without knowing the precise " Discount " allowed by the LA in respect of income ...
assuming a 25% one also applied ?

I doubt whether the online CT calculator provided by Which? will be of assistance here ? ... vy56f04g67
What is the nature of the disability?