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Council Tax

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Hello Folks just a quickie as I'm passing through again. I just wanted to let you know that my Mum has been awarded the full rate of Attendance Allowance for vascular Dementia and I have filled in the on line forms to reinstate my carers allowance for her instead of Dad. I have been caring for them both as you know for many years but didn't claim the AA for Mum as they were coping quite well financially with just Dads claims. However, since Dad passed Mums finances have reduced considerably and the last month as been an ongoing battle with the energy suppliers and phone suppliers to try and get these bills reduced. I had a personal e mail from another member regarding council tax informing me that has Mum has a severe mental impairment she should be exempt. We have since this advice had a bill for £50 per month approx obviously some discounts have been taken off. I contacted the Local Council armed with the advice given to me by one of our knowledgeable and helpful members and lo and behold they agree and are sending out the forms for our GP to sign making Mother Dear exempt from council tax. This is going to help considerably Mums income has been reduced by about a third since Dads passing even with all of my attempts to reduce the bills and of course the bills although have been reduced have not been reduced that much so as Mr Tesco says "every little helps" - thank you Bowling without your help I would never have known she should be exempt and would have carried on paying it xxxxx
Great news! Every little helps.
That is something I have found difficult to understand. If someone has a mental impairment they are exempt from paying council tax but someone like my son who has a very severe physical disability has to pay it - why is that? Shouldn't all disabilities be exempt - why just mental disabilities?

I agree Eun, it's a mess. So is the theoretical exemption if you are a carer, but it never seems to apply to me! Personally I think if you are disabled in receipt of DLA or a carer in receipt of CA, you should get exemption. Then there would need to be something too for those with an "underlying" entitlement. Can we do a straw poll somehow? How many carers were aware of Council Tax exemptions for Carers? How many actually get it?
I am not exempt as a Carer.My son isn't exempt as someone with a Learning Disability,(apparently because my husband and I are the householders and for benefits purposes he is in a different household).
Hi Lazydaisy, I remember reading about a case long ago where it was financially beneficial for the child to be classed as the "householder" and the parents live with the adult child, but that was years ago, so I can't give any more details. Perhaps Carers UK could fill us in a bit more? It would also be helpful to have a link explaining the current rules about which carers DO qualify for exemption, but I've never yet worked out how to do a link!
Our son has been the tenant of this house since he was nine years old and at one point we were in the position of being told that if anything happened to our son (as in if he passed away) then we would have six months to get out of the house. However since I did my law degree I discovered that they had no right to do this to us and our names are now also on the tenancy. The crazy thing is if we moved from this house they would have to give us another adapted place anyway because of my own disabilities. However because Robert is now an adult the government apparently no longer considers us as a family even though we are both his full time carers we would be classed as two separate units for benefits purposes. We are not bloody "units" we are human beings. Its like Number 6 in that cult tv series set in Wales which I can't remember the name of shouting I am not a number!!

Eun, It was The Prisoner, with ?Patrick McGoohan. It was filmed at Portmeirion, in North Wales. We went there years ago, I was fascinated and wanted to stay all day. Unfortunately my husband hadn't see the film, I think he was in Australia when it was on, and after about an hour I heard those immortal words "Can we go now?" It's a beautiful/bizarre place, on the edge of an estuary.
We are not bloody "units" we are human beings.
Spot on Eun!
But the welfare system grinds on regardless. It is an aging industry that employs many tens, nay hundreds of thousands of jobsworthy people, all of whom have their little portal of the Benefits Empire to jealously guard. And guard it they will, come hell or high water. Often forgetting that it is we who pay their salaries.
The good news is the main cuk website has up to date info on financial help with council tax including exemptions, discounts, disability reduction schemes etc.. read it and you will also see that CT benefit has been replaced this year by something else. In some parts of UK.

bowlingbun the info you ask for is also on the main web site, about which category of carer may be eligible for exemption (circumstances).

The bad news is the cash available is being squeezed so don't go getting too excited chums ....