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Do we have rights to claim? - Carers UK Forum

Do we have rights to claim?

All about money
Hi all, im after some advice......
I am disabled with congenital deformity of the hips and also have had most of my right leg amputated so i have a stump but beacuse of pain and the damage that wearing a prothesis was causing, my rheumatologist told me a few years ago to stop wearing it as it was causing more harm than good so i have no option but to use crutches inside the house and a wheelchair outside. I have been offered an operation to remove some of the remaining bone in my stump in the hope it may lessen my pain and give me a bit more mobility but even the head consultant orthopeadic surgeon isnt confident it will make ANY difference and may actually make things worse....
I also have a misaligned skeleton and slight scoliosis of my spine and ive also just found out that I am trapping nerves in my elbows which causew my arms and hands to go completely numb and when feeling does return, its in the form of pain and discomfort.
I also suffer from severe Psoriasis which when i experience a bad flare leaves me almost 80% covered in hard white scaly plaques that crack, bleed and are so sore, that movement is almost impossible. I am being treated with biological injections for this condition which does seem to be keeping it under control but having to take these types of drugs have thier own repercussions in that it reduces my immunity to almost zero and leaves me open to infections of all kinds, therefore limiting the areas i can go to and the things i can do...I have already had repeated infections this year and get so fed up of being ill all the time...The injections also leave me with migraines 2 - 3 times after every injection. This also is a problem should i decide to ever have an operation as i cannot take the biologics if i have surgery and cannot return to them until fully healed, which in that time, my skin will erupt and react very badly to the anaesthetic and trauma my body would be under plus my immunity would be zero so should an infection set in, will be much more dangerous for me. I also suffer from depression and anxiety and whilst i may seem confident on the outside, on the inside I worry and fret deeply.
I do get the higher rate of mobility and middle rate care component of DLA

My husband himself, has fybromyalgia which has, over the years reduced the things and activites he can do to almost nothing....He is in visible pain and discomfort almost all the time and the physical exhaustion that he sufferes even after hanging out 2 pieces of washing on the line is debilitating to say the least. ANY PHYSICAL activity leaves him exhausted and completely run down. He also suffers from sciatica although thankfully hasnt had a bout of this for a while now..His mental health is also suffering with the exertion of trying to 'cope' with the physical symptoms he experiences..and we are looking into an advocate (although im not really sure if we need one or wether it would help in any way?)

So we, in theory, care for each other and struggle through doing the most mundane things in day to day activity..if one of us cant do something, then the other does and we then take turns in recuping...its tiring enough just to make sure the house is clean and theyre is food in the cupboards let alone try and venture out anywhere...

Would we be able to claim carers allowance for each other as we do actually care for each other which in turn affects our own medical situation....

Thanks in advance that someone may be able to help
If you are both in receipt of the qualifying DLA levels then you can both claim CA.
I'd also try for an assessment of you both by the ss for direct payments to employ some domestic help as a cleaner would take a huge weight off both of you and you could then concentrate on looking after each other.
Its only me thats in reciept of dla after ians got stopped a few years back and he doesnt have the mental or physical strength to reapply and go through it all again Image
Then no, only he can claim CA as your carer as he has to be getting, at least, the middle rate care component for someone to claim CA for caring for him.
I'd still try for direct payments for some domestic help though.
I have recently seen one of the new Personal Independence Payment forms - PIP is going to gradually replace DLA. There are quite a few differences, so although your husband doesn't qualify for DLA, it might be different with PIP. In the meantime, if you haven't already, try and streamline your house and housework as much as possible. For example, a dishwasher and washer dryer might help reduce the workload - various charities might be able to help if you can't fund these yourself. Polo shirts rather than shirts which need ironing, no borders in the garden, etc. etc. may seem little changes, but add up to a lot. From the information you have given, Social Services should be asked to do a Needs Assessment for you and a Carers Assessment for your OH. I have a friend with a leg amputated originally below the knee, but like you it had all sorts of problems. In the end, it was amputated at the knee, which is much more successful. Apparently he keeps wearing out his artificial limbs, but is fairly active, at one time he was even a thatcher!