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Council Tax

All about money
I also found out that if you have modification ,s to your house you can claim a rebate to so look into it.
not sure on a rebate

someone else posted i am sure about a reduction think that was because of dementia when I asked they said any mental impairment but do have a criteria even told mother inlaw as father inlaw has dementia
Tracie, if someone has a "severe mental impairment" then they should be exempt from council tax - i.e. they should be ignored completely, as if they didn't live there at all.
yes think that is what he said to me
Yes I read that in the list of exemptions.
My son with SLD lives alone, so with this exemption, he doesn't pay any council tax at all - much more favourable than just a 25% discount for single occupancy.
Why is it only someone with a severe mental impairment is exempt? Why aren't severely physically disabled people exempt too instead of just getting a band reduction?

Sorry Eun, I can't answer that one, but you know I share your frustration. I'm sure every single person on this forum would agree that the whole benefits system is a mess, and getting worse.
We'd be happy to have any reduction in our council tax which is just shy of £2,000 per year at present.

We pay more than the young couple next door who both work & have a child at school, just because we have quite a larger house.

Due to my wife's disability we use not a single local authority amenity apart from our bins being emptied.
According to the council the Government has deemed to them that every person living in a property has to pay some part of the council tax.
Fair enough me thinks Image So my mother now has to pay her part for living with me £5 per week, I on the other hand have to pay £2:79 per week making a total of £7:79 per week. The council have sent me the account which tells me that I have to pay £46 per month and for the life of me I can't work out how that adds up???

My neighbour across from me is in the same situation as me but has been sent a letter to say that he doesn't have to pay council tax. He is a carer same as me, only difference is his wife is disabled (my mother is on a pension) and they rent (I own).
Speaking to another neighbour who is on pension credit with a partner and 2 men (sons over 18) living at home in a council property, he told me that he doesn't have to pay?

So am I missing something here, I am really confused. I rang the council and was told that the maximum allowance now is 70% of your council tax??? So why are others allowed 100%, shouldn't it be the same for all.

As a carer the Government have kindly allowed an extra £1 per week for the privilege of looking after my mother and the council are taking off me £40, so again worse off.