Council Tax

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As Council Tax is now being determined by local councils, rather than the government, I suggest that you contact your local councillor.
Give with one hand take away with the other, and a added bonus a swift kick up the back side with it, to show the government cares.
Don't know if this will help but you can appeal a Council Tax Banding if you find out that other similar properties in the area are classed in a lower banding.

i.e. if your property is classified in, say, Band E and you find out that other similar properties are classified in Band D you can appeal for your property to be classed in the lower banding - this would have the effect of lowering your Council Tax by default.

Some years ago I lived in a one-bedroomed flat (small block of 12 flats) which was in Class C; one of the residents found out that similar properties in the area were in Class B and appealed; the appeal was upheld and we all got a refund backdated over a number of years; if I remember correctly I got total refund of about £700 Image
It can also work the other way with everyone else's band going up & then you'd be really popular so you do have to give it some thought if you're going to quote neighbouring properties for comparison purposes.

There's a free Android smartphone app called Council Tax Finder which lets you check the council tax band of any property in the UK.

This web based one will do it as well.