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Coronavirus - should carers allowance be increase - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Coronavirus - should carers allowance be increase

All about money
It should definitely be increased. I'm a 24/7 carer with little to no time off at the best of times but sort of once a week or fortnight my neighbour could sit with mum for an hour or two whilst I went to the supermarket or just to post something so I could get out of the house before I imploded.

Now there's not even that! I think it's something like 30something p an hour for us 24/7 parolees!

What makes it worse (and this is going to sound like I'm moaning about benefit people but I'm not - just the way it's been done by the government) is that carers who get Universal Credit carers are having an increase of £20 per week. Us poor saps who have been doing it for donkey's years on Carers Allowance are getting no increase whatsoever. Even worse for those who don't get anything at all because of 'clashing benefits' or whatever :(

Unpaid carers have been crapped on more than any other group at the minute IMO. The NHS/care home staff/other carers et al are rightly acknowledged as being heroes. I couldn't agree more that are incredible.

Unpaid carers are at the bottom of the heap, forgotten about and trodden on.
Slavery is usually defined as no wages, no rights to time off, or holidays, or time off when we are sick. Even when you are sick we have to soldier on. I had major surgery, life saving , abdomen opened right up. 12" incision, yet less than 48 hours after discharge mum's doctor and then Social Services told me there was no alternative, I HAD to care for mum, who was I'll in bed. I couldn't even look after myself! No one considers my ability to care, despite many carers assessments. As soon as the lockdown was proposed, I had an email saying come and get your son, although just a weekend now levels me exhausted! He is now locked down at his flat with reduced support, but that just shows how my own well being doesn't matter one bit! Only when what we do is classed as work will anything change.
The Government are desperate that everyone uses/migrates to UC. So they up the allowance for those on UC by twenty pound. Hoping to encourage everyone to migrate.You can only migrate if you have a change in circumstances. Most don't want the complication or hassle of applying for UC. The thing is we are not all on benefits or want to apply/transfer. As usual some ministers don't understand the carers allowance system. And always assume everyone that provides family and friends care. And claiming carers allowance are either on some kind of benefit/s. And either working part of a week, You constantly hear the message - carers cam claim UC and or pension credit etc. Additionally, can claim associated benefits housing benefit / council tax.

NO some carers are not on benefits and maybe just over the pension credit threshold.
How can carers allowance go up by a lot when it is not means tested it is universal. Example someone under pension age gives up work to be a carer full time they are lucky enough to have a pension the pension pays 500 pounds or maybe 1000 pounds a mounth they still get carers allowance.
Carers Allowance is not means tested, in terms of assets, and a private pension is not counted as income.
However, the state pension and Carers Allowance are both classed as "income substitute benefits" and the rules say that you can only have one of these.
So pleased that this subject has been brought up.
We are both well past our 65th birthdays. I have to care full time for my husband and have done so since the mid 90's - since I was 51.
I did receive the ICA for 9 years until when I turned 60 and started to receive the State Pension. From then (2004) the caring duties have increased and made more difficult due to his deteriorating health.
Since 2004 - 16 years now - I have had no financial or physical help from anyone.
Just because I receive the SRP why should I have to lose what little money I used to get? Is the government assuming that their responsibility ended in 2004 to pay something to me for the work I was doing? Maybe their answer is that I should be lucky that I am getting more than what the ICA was paying me but forgetting that I paid into the State Pension scheme?

I'm not too fussed about CA being increased - I would just like some contribution on top of my State Pension - anything, that will show me that I am respected for what I do and have done.
Hi Susan

It's great to here others views on this subject. The more evidence on how people are coping and being treated. It's more information on how the Government can help people. That's sounds a good idea to me. To add an extra amount for caring to a state pension. An individual would perhaps just have to acknowledge/ prove. That there caree was on attendance allowance. Making this a qualify benefit. As with DLA and PIP criteria. It's make sense as your are already on a system. Just a change on the numbers. If only!!

Is your husband in receipt of Attendance allowance.

Are you attached to any local carers group.