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The Govt’s response re PIP assessment - Moving round - Carers UK Forum

The Govt’s response re PIP assessment - Moving round

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The Government’s response to the consultation on the PIP assessment Moving around activity
Executive summary
From April 2013 Disability Living Allowance (DLA) began to be replaced with Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Like DLA, PIP is intended to provide a contribution to the extra costs faced by people with disabilities and long-term health conditions.
The Government consulted extensively on the assessment criteria used to determine whether individuals receive PIP, and how much they receive, in 2011 and 2012. Some disabled people and their organisations told us they wanted a further opportunity to have their views considered on the Moving around activity, which looks at individuals’ physical mobility. On this basis we ran another consultation from 24 June to 5 August 2013.
We asked for views on the Moving around activity within the PIP assessment criteria. As part of this we asked people for views on the 20 and 50 metre distances used within the criteria; what they thought the impact of the criteria would be; and whether they thought we needed to make any changes to the criteria or assess physical mobility in a different way.
In the consultation document we explained that whilst the Government’s preferred option was to retain the version of the assessment criteria for the Moving around activity set out in Regulations, we were committed to carrying out the consultation in a fully open-minded manner.
In total we received 1142 responses to the consultation, from organisations and individuals. We also held a number of consultation events.
see response in full here
https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/s ... sponse.pdf
So, they've chosen to ignore the majority of the feedback - It seems clear that the responses to the consultation were never going to matter, with a blanket statement; 'The Government is entitled to use different criteria for different purposes'. Surely this can be challenged in the courts?
[quote]First act of Minister of State for disabled people]

see in full here

http://thehardesthit.wordpress.com/2013 ... lose-help/
I had DLA Mobility before my knees were replaced. Even if you can hobble 50 metres, what good will it do? In my town, the main disabled car park is over 50 metres away from the High Street! The town is long and straggly, end to end it must measure at least half a mile. I could park in the disabled car park, but couldn't walk to the bank. If I went to the bank, I couldn't walk as far as the Post Office. In the end I shopped in a village six miles away, purely because I could park outside the bank, and the Post Office and Tesco were next door to each other. Having "used up" my 50 metres, all I could do was go home, take pills, and wait in my recliner for them to work. The people controlling these benefits simply haven't got a clue.
I can't believe there's been so few replies to this - this change to the moving around criteria will carry huge implications to the lives of the recipients and their families. Being able to live outside the four walls will be seriously impaired Image