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Hi everyone, I am a carer for my husband who is ill with cancer. He is stage 4 and has been put on contribution based ESA and PIP (higher amount), I am also claiming carer's allowance. What will happen when the ESA ends after 12 months? I have read that I can't claim carer's allowance if he goes on to income related ESA - can he go on income support instead? We are struggling financially and can't afford to be even worse off... I hope someone can advise me please...
Hi Amanda,
Welcome to the forum.
I'm sorry to hear about your hubby.

Re your enquiry, I recommend you contact the helpline, it is usually busy, so I recommend emailing them:

Carers UK Adviceline

You can talk to us five days a week,

Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Advice Line or phone 0808 808 7777


Definitely contact our helpline, it's so much better than DWP's own, and as a result, the helpline made me £50 a week better off.
How long has ESA been in place Amanda?
If hubby is in the work related activity group and his health worsened since his claim, you may want to ask for a review so he hopefully goes in the Support group.

The adviceline will go through your options and explain everything in more detail though.

Thanks for your replies, I'll find out about the 'support group' - he went straight onto the higher rate of contribution based ESA and shortly after PIP. It was a shock diagnosis as he only had a sore arm and its turned out to be kidney cancer that has already spread. We haven't claimed income support as yet as we still have some savings but I heard its possible to claim that too. The savings are quickly running out. I'm concerned that when the ESA stops, there will be a very lengthy claim and long wait for an alternative benefit x
My hubby been in support group now for almost 6 yrs ( now advanced alzheimers aged 57yrs ).
People in the support group can receive contributory ESA without any time limit.

However, once you read your hubbys letter again to see which group he is in, please do give the advice line a call. They can go in to more detail and ask relevant questions that too personal to ask here. Always worth getting professional advice as benefit system is a nightmare.

Thanks Rosemary, I agree the benefits system is so complicated! Just when you need it the most, they make it so difficult for everyone :( xx
Just found out he is in the 'support group' so hopefully there will be no time limit on it... xx
Amanda, it wont do you any harm in still seeking advice from CarersUK. They can ensure you are getting your full entitlements.

x x
Thanks Rosemary, I've sent them an email explaining our situation - this website is a life saver :) xx