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Complete a***hole of a doctor. - Carers UK Forum

Complete a***hole of a doctor.

All about money

My missus who suffers from Anxiety, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder and Severe Depression went to the doctor today to get a medical certificate to allow her to get ESA.

Atos, bless 'em, got a bit confused and haven't put her into a benefit grouping; by which I mean she isn't income-related or contribution based. I know, I don't know how the hell it works either.

And was told... "I will give you 1 month (she needs a 3 month certificate or we get no money) and I will be trying to get you back into work. I have read research saying that people are magically cured of Depression when they start working again, I'll ignore those other problems you have."

We have been waiting for a real psychiatrist for over a year, and a GP isn't one. I recently read research saying ketamine and LSD showed remarkable improvements with people suffering from depression, but I don't think I'm gonna start telling my partner to start shooting up and dropping acid because I read a small article outside of my field of expertise!

He is clearly an uninterested, unsympathetic bigot. It is obvious to anyone with sense that having no money, no freedom and no clinical help leads to further mental health complications. How will work help her underlying Anxiety, let alone her Borderline Personality Disorder?

I don't really know where I'm going with this now, I just wanted to vent. I am in the process of fixing this right now. I don't know what I'd do without my Luce, I wonder who takes care of who sometimes.

Hm very helpful doctor! Did you go with her? My son suffers with all sorts of anxieties and has recently been diagnosed with a mood disorder-which we have known he has for years having lived alongside him! We were fortunate that we had an excellent doctor, I would only take the children to this one doctor-even if it meant waiting a week. Are there any other doctors in the practice you you could see? Some have more understanding of mental health issues than others.
Last week I was able to do so, but that doctor (and this is answers your second question) politely declined to write a 3 month certificate as she had only just joined the surgery and had met Luce only once. Which was fair enough.
So the next soonest appointment was with Doctor a***hole, today and I have only just started working Full-time in a new job, so there was no way to get the time off.
It's a bit of a weird surgery, and I get a serious feeling of prejudices all round especially regarding what they term "artificial forms of contraception" and pretty much anything to do with mental health or peoples inability to work due to mental health issues.
Because we're being bounced from one doctor to another, and the most senior receptionist is a condescending misanthropist with ideas above her station, it's difficult to get the same doctor time and again; and because Luce is on the highest dose of her anti-depressants they get all high and mighty about prescribing it because "I don't know you" and "that's a very high dosage" and "we need to monitor that". And yet, they don't want to arrange long-term regular appointments so they can do just that.
She's so intelligent, my partner, so incredibly cerebral and kind and she's spoken to like she's a moron. It's so hard to maintain a level head in these situations. What should I do? I worry, seriously, that at some point I am going to unleash a tirade of complaints and that my outburst might put her treatment in jeopardy.
Ho hum.
I know when i was suffering from Severe Anxiety , Severe low self esteem and extreme stress , i was originally seen by a Dr who wanted to stick me on the highest legal dose of prozac possible . and she only seen me for 3 mins as that is all they are allowed per patient supposedly Image .
i took the prescription but never went for the meds , as i had an appointment with a mental health nurse the next day. and when i spoke with her she laughed and said i am sick of Dr's just sticking people on bloody prozac without knowing the full ins an outs first.
and she then told me i did the right thing by not getting the meds.

But i was put in contact with a local group instead and attended weekly meetings, and the entire time i had to keep getting medical lines to keep getting ESA , my Dr said he is not legally allowed to issue a medical line for more than 1 month at a time , and i would have to either make an appointment every month to see him to get a new one , or just phone up and ask to get a medical line .
the first time i called up and asked to get a medical line extended the receptionist refused until i told her what was wrong , i asked if she is a Dr or a receptionist in a sarcastic voice . she said receptionist. so i replied back with "" well then you dont need to know why i need a medical line , just pass on the msg to my Dr thank you ""