community care support budgets

All about money
Not sure if it's the same thing but my son age 26 gets employment support allowance and high rate Dla and he has been assessed as having to pay £30 a week for services. He initially only got 14 nights respite which worked out around £114 per night, then £20 spending money per day. He now also get 2 days at the local day centre and 4 hours pa per week, although I had to fight tooth and nail to get that. The rate is capped at £30 per week, social services pay the rest. Since this came into force our local respite unit has closed down due to lack of use (and major funding cuts) as many people now cannot afford to pay for respite care. We live in the north east. We have been warned that more cuts are to come.
In Hampshire they want to cut £13-17m off the total learning disability budget in not much more than a year. It's really worrying. They are blatantly ignoring the 2014 Care Act, and I keep reminding them that they are not complying with the legislation as far as my son is concerned.