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community care support budgets

All about money
one very unhappy carer just had my annual reassessment for care and support of the wife no of our benefits have changed this year. But they are saying im having to pay £40.00 a week for 8 hours respite when last year it was funded by them they say under 2014/2015 care act that they can use carers allowance as an income ive looked but cant find this in the act so much for carers uk helping us and this so called government being there for us carers they all just out for them self from what i have seen
OK to have 8 hours respite, but might be worth reminding them that that still leaves you to care for 160 hours. So if they are giving respite for one twentieth of a week, then at most, they should take one twentieth of your Carers Allowance?! Make sure they do a proper financial assessment, at the end of this they should give you a statement of exactly how they have reached the sum they want. Can I ask who you are caring for?
im caring for my wife she got bipolar epilepsy arthritis personality disorder also has night mares is prone to suicide attempts as you said its a 168 hr a week job all for £62.10
You might like to read the article I put on the forum last night about the Care Act. Have they assessed your wife's need adequately?
we have had in the past year 3 care assessments done by them we was offered weekend care home respite as well but there is not one that deal with the needs of the wife and for her age
I suggest you ring the Carers UK helpline. I think they may not applying the charging rules correctly. Do you know what the council's budget was for the respite in a care home?
it was for the respite i was told when i phoned in
Read through the article I posted. Your caree should have an assessment and her needs met. So for example, if she could have two weeks at the cost of a £1,000, then she should have a "personal budget" of £2,000. That's the CAREES budget, not yours. They should do a proper financial assessment before saying how much you should pay. Make sure this is given to you in written form so you can then check it against the regulations. If they haven't followed the regulations, you can then complain.
i do have it in writing from them and they have also used the care act 2014/15 and say that my carers allowance is to be counted as income im going to ask them next under what sub section this is as i cant find it
Your wife should have a "personal budget" to cover the periods of time in a home which were offered. Has she had a proper financial assessment for this, because it is an "assessed need"? I get the feeling that they are avoiding this aspect of your situation?