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Hi, first post, I have been caring for my Daughter who has sever Cerebral Palsy and needs 24 hour care for the last 16 years, I receive Carers Allowance Income support, Child tax credit and housing benefit. She is about to go into residential care, How can I come off Carers allowance and onto JSA? without a break in my benefits, can anyone who has done this help me avoid any pitfalls, I have been searching the forum and read about an 8 weeks grace period? is this still the case in if so how does it work, any advice gratefully received.
Hi Ian
I think you're best contacting the helpline who are very good on benefits. The contact details are under the red tab for help and advice above. The phone lines get very busy so email is best and they will get back to you in about 3-5 days

It will be a big change to your life so do expect ups and downs as you all adjust to it
Good luck
Thank you
Great info!