Caring and ESA

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Hi everyone I've just joined the group today and I'm looking for some advice.I currently look after my partner and he claims ESA for us both. I suffer with anxiety and depression and have just received a WCA questionnaire to fill in.I was wondering what my options will be if I have to attend a WCA and I fail the assessment can my partner still claim ESA for me or not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thankyou.
Is your partner disabled? Do you claim Carers Allowance? If so, I believe you cannot be required to "look for work". Contact our Carers UK helpline (email please) and they will confirm this.
Hi yes my partner is disabled and he is the main claimant for us both.I get Carer's Credit as my partner only gets lower mobility component of DLA and he's in the support group of ESA.Thankyou for your advice much appreciated.