If I claim carers allowance will it affect my daughters PIP?

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Hi my daughter recently was awarded PIP, I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if I make a claim for carers allowance will it affect her payments? I don't work at the moment due to being her carer and my husband works away from home, I've read up on it but it's just totally confused me now so wondered if any one had some advice before I rang a helpline,
Thanks in advance
Can I ask how old your daughter is? Is she receiving any other income related benefits, e.g. ESA, Income Support?

Claiming should not affect her PIP in any way.

However, if she is claiming income related benefits, then it might affect them. My son has severe learning difficulties, lives alone, receives IS, which includes an extra amount because no one is claiming CA for him.

So if your daughter is claiming IS/ESA, and receives this benefit, then it would be affected. However, if you are caring, you deserve the CA, it is your choice, not your daughter's, to make.

The Carers UK helpline is very busy, but you can email them and they will send a very detailed reply to you. Some years ago, when I had a problem, they made me £50 a week better off, so I'm happy to sing their praises. I'd suggest to everyone that they had a benefits check from time to time, as I've met so many families who are not claiming everything they were entitled to. The worst was a family with a Downs syndrome child who didn't know they were entitled to anything, for over 20 years. So sad.
Thanks for the help guys it's much appreciated, i'll give the advice line a ring tommorow :)