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i didn't think this gov could sink any lower. - Carers UK Forum

i didn't think this gov could sink any lower.

All about money
Just goes to show how wrong you can be! The only reason for the rise in tribunals etc. and the 58% success rate at those tribunals is the failure of staff at lower levels of the organisation to do their jobs properly.
The whole system is tied into useless assessments of pointless, pernicious tick-box criteria and random sanctioning not fit for purpose. If Scotland leave we're stuck with these dead-eyed hooray henrys forever...
Deductions started happening from my salary some years ago for child support.
My wife was alive at the time.
We lived in London and the woman lived in Durham.
Except for going to work at that point in time I was never separated from my wife for more than about 5 hours at that point.
The only business trip I went on was in Cardiff. This was a seminar and my wife came with me and trip were organised for the partners and hotel accommodation was provided at a competitive rate.
My wife also worked about 200 yards from my office so we had lunch together most days.
I complained to the CSA and they said I would have to have a blood test.
The CSA said they would organise it and then said I would have to pay for it and the cost would be refunded if I am found not to be the father.
I did ask if they would pay for the salary I would lose as a result of me having to go for the test and the transport expenses.
I never got an answer to this question.
About 2 months went by and I kept phoning the CSA to ask when the blood test was going to happen.
Suddenly the woman said it had been proved I was not the father and the blood tests would not be necessary.
Deductions kept on happening for a further 4 months despite my numerous complaints and they then stopped.
It was another 3 months before the money deducted in error was refunded.
I did ask for interest on the money but never got it.
What I was mainly concerned about was up until about 15 months before the child was born I had been on several business trips and 2 of them were near Durham.
If the timing had been slightly different this could have broken our marriage.

Thats an horrific experience for anyone to go through, and so biased and one sided it makes me seethe.
Heres another major injustice: benefit claimants are vilified, but far more people are cheated out of benefits they are entitled to because the system is never explained to them, (and yet they have paid for through their National Insurance) than the level of actual benefit fraud, which is tiny. Tax fraud is far greater than benefits fraud. And even greater are the unjustified cuts in working age benefits - if the government slashed pensions there would be a grey revolution.


Firstly I'm sure there is plenty more depth for them to sink to...

Second the words "Human Rights" spring to mind - surely we have a right of appeal when their staff are clearly unable to do their job properly in the first place, the proof is in the number of applications being turned down for PIP and the amount of appeals they have been swamped with.

Any idiot could tell from that that someone isn't getting it right somewhere! The sooner this Government are kicked out the better.