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Changing PA/Carer ON DP - Carers UK Forum

Changing PA/Carer ON DP

All about money
Has anyone managed to change their carer on the agreement form?
We have changed care workers funded by DP in the past. This shouldn't be an issue.


Additionally, note this document https://www.gov.uk/government/publicati ... lth-budget
Do you have to have reasons why you are changing? Can they refuse?
I don’t remember it being an issue with the ones we recruited ourselves. I’m sure it happens a lot. People move on, more care workers are added to ensure an adequate pool of people etc

I also requested not to have certain agency care workers - I did give the agency reasons for this.

Are you employing them directly or through an agency?

It will be through an agency as they have payroll and training available.
Some agencies recruit care staff specifically for a new client; however it’s more common for them to allocate from their regular care workers.

If someone really isn’t suitable you can request to not have them again; but agencies are juggling clients and will be looking at travel distance between clients, timings of care already in place for others etc


PS our council sends out flyers of free courses being run for private care workers employed via DP.
So, how would that work if they have existing client already on payroll and you need to register them for tax and paperwork? It would have to fit in with your timings. I would see a lot of conflicts if they gave you existing staff.

free courses it wont be all of them and the proper ones for certification and nationally recognised?