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benefits stop when in hospital ... -Carers UK Forum

benefits stop when in hospital ...

All about money
Hi All

My daughter has just gone into hospital which I imagine will be for a long stay (6months plus) and I have just read that the DLA and carers allowance will stop when she has been in for 12 weeks (she is under 16).

I'm sorry I just need to rant! I gave my work up (save 12 hours a week) to be a carer for her last year and these benefits make up my loss of earnings. I travel to the hospital daily to visit which is a 60 mile round trip. I am off work for 3 weeks unpaid, so that I can be there. The hospital have rang me today, on 3 occasions, one call being for 45 minutes, a 25 minute call and then one just a few minutes.

I havent just stopped to put my feet up, I dont just get my lost hours reinstated because she is in hospital. now I have to worry about the £600 per month loss which will be coming up..??

Urgh! As if life aint stressful enough!

This is where "one rule fits all" isn't it? Nobody who sets these stupid rules thinks beyond giving us the tiniest amount they can possible get away with, nobody has thought about someone in your position. And this would be the same for many, many carers. Ah well, easy peasy, go out and get yourself a job for about 6 months with an employer who won't mind you taking the time off to visit your daughter, or deal with all the calls you will need to make, and who completely understands that when she leaves hospital you will hand in your notice. All so simple isn't it?
I really do feel for you because I would be in exactly the same boat. Scary stuff.
Helen, you may need to check this link out

http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/childbenefit/kee ... port.htm#2

Scroll down to bit where child may be in hospital for 12 weeks or more.

Sorry if this would mean you get even less money Image but thought you might need to know.